RLGL Round 4 OPEN extended until Wednesday, 3/9/2016 @ 11:59 CST, New entrants may enter anytime

****Pardon for the pooch’s clerical error! We are so busy over here we didn’t update the post and the round on Submittable! Due to unforeseen circumstances, Cynthea has been called away to deal with some things that required her immediate attention so …. Kissy decided to give everyone a free pass to the next round, unless the submitter was on their last page in which case he and Cynthea weighed in to determine if there was a winner.  Sooo, don’t relax yet.

RLGL Round 3 OPEN extended to Tuesday, 3/1/2016 @ 11:59 CST, New entrants may enter anytime

*I want to thank you all for your patience with receiving feedback! I’ve got so much to munch on. I’m extending the round until March 1st (11:59pm CST) so that everyone can get their Round 3 submissions in. Keep an eye on your inboxes! Feedback is on the way! Woof!!

Round 3 for this year’s Red Light, Green Light contest is open for submissions! New entrants may enter at any time so long as the round is open.

RLGL – ROUND 2 OPEN extended until Wed 2/24/16 @ 11:59 PM CST, New Entrants Welcome

The second Round for this year’s Red Light, Green Light contest is open for submissions!

*Update posted 2/24 at 5:30PM CST: All Round 1 results have been given. If you didn’t hear anything on your ROUND 1 submission, let us know. Round 2 closes tonight so get your next page in if you passed.

Some stats to give you some idea of where you stand:

Chances of publication among the general populous in real life: <1%, roughly.

RLGL – Red Light, Green Light, ROUND 1 OPEN until Sat 2/20/16 @ 11:59 CST

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, look at our Rules and Regulations.

Once you’ve got that all figured out, click that submit button at the bottom of this post.

Round 1 will be closing submissions on Saturday (2/20/16) @ 11:59 CST so get those manuscripts in!

New entrants can enter anytime though, even if you miss Round 1.

Anything can happen in this game, so get in when a round is open.

RLGL – Red Light, Green Light Official Rules and Regulations

It’s your favorite time of the year again: RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT!

We’re back for another exciting, nail biting, keyboard crunching round, and we’ve made improvements to make RLGL much easier for Kissy to shred your manuscripts!


And remember, anyone can enter the contest, no matter what round we are on (FICTION WORKS ONLY, PLEASE targeted for the major trade market. No short stories.


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RLGL Wrapping Up: Round 7 Results COMPLETE, Final Round Deadline for Existing Entries ONLY April 23 11:59PM CST

Dear Tiquees:

Thank you for your monumental patience while Kissy deals with a whole host of tasks related to bacon consumption, chew-toy destruction, and every pooch’s favorite time of the year: Spring Break! We are back and it’s time to start closing down RLGL in preparation for summer. This means there will be no new entries for RLGL.

RLGL Round 6 Results COMPLETE, Round 7 deadline, 11:59PM CST April 8, 2014

UPDATE: Round 6 Results are now complete. If you sent in your submission after March 27, 11:59PM (provided you have followed all of our insane rules), your submission rolls into Round 7, which ends on April 8, 2014.  Thank you all for your incredible patience. We hope you found that good chew toy to chomp to smithereens while waiting for these results.

This next week is extremely loaded for the pooch.