Step Ten – Get a Response

Your waiting is done. You’ve sent something to an editor or agent and your SASE shows up in the mail. Or maybe AOL has a very special message waiting for you. OR MAYBE…There’s someone calling you from the 212 right now!

Stay calm. Brace yourself. Hold on to something if you can.

Now find out what the person wants to tell you.

Did you sell your book? Does the agent want to represent you? If this is the case, read post, how to interview an agent and then come back here.

YAY! Now the first thing you should do is tell Cynthea how much you love her and her bunny Snoop. Then let your spouse know, your children, your goldfish, whomever and celebrate!

Leave me to talk to the rest of the people who didn’t get that YES (that would be roughly 99.9% of you).

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Happy writing!