Writers/Illustrators developing Asian Content: AFCC 2013 Registration has begun

For those of you who have a keen interest in developing literature or other media featuring Asian content, you should know about this conference held each year in Singapore. I had the wonderful opportunity to act as a faculty member last year, and it was an eye-opening experience to meet counterparts in the East from all over that side of the globe.

Making the Most out of your Conference Critique

Your hands are sweating. You lie awake at night. You can’t stop thinking about your face-to-face critique with the publishing professional of your dreams. On the day of the conference, you manage to stumble to the registration desk, blurt out your name to the welcoming lady behind the table, and get your shiny folder which includes everything you need to know … including your critique assignment.

You open the folder.

What? You haven’t heard? WriteOnCon is open!

Hey everyone,

Whenever I hear of something uber-cool for writers that also happens to be free, I think to myself — my readers will want to know about this!

I hereby present to you WriteOnCon – the first online conference for kidlit writers of its kind!


Registration is open now. I heard about this through a writer-colleague friend who’s on faculty.