On rejection…

I saw this post from one of my dear Livejournal buddies and I thought, well ain’t she speaking the truth? With Dot’s permission, I’ve posted it here for my readers. It’s something to think about when rejection threatens to overcome you.

Excerpted from “Goin’ all Pollyanna” on dotificus.livejournal.com

Working to get published SUCKS. It just sucks all the time until it doesn’t anymore.

more on rhyme

Dori Chaconas, author of picture books and easy readers, has just written a great article about rhythm and rhyme for picture book texts. [Read the article, icing the cake->http://www.dorichaconas.com/Icing%20the%20Cake%20page.htm].

Also visit a guest article by Kelly R. Fineman featured on this website. [Read post, how to critique rhyming children’s poems->http://cynthealiu.com/2006/06/06/81/how-to-crtitique-rhyming-childrens-poems/].