Free-tique Free-for-All on Facebook Live (3/20/20) 4 PM Central – VIDEOS POSTED

UPDATE 3/21/20: The event videos are now posted! If we missed your question or ms, please email cynthealiu AT gmail DOT com and let Cynthea know! Here are the links (2 videos), enjoy!

Part 1: #1 – 28 (PB, CB, MG and YA)

Part 2: #29 – 41 (PB)

UPDATE AS OF 3/19 12:30 PM: We forgot to include a big option for you. If you would like to submit a query letter pitch only (see Anatomy of a Query Letter – we are referring to the section on “Pitch” in that article), you may. Please limit your pitch to 125 words for the purpose of this event. And see below for full instructions on how to submit your pitch instead for critique.

All right, WFCAT fans, we are back in action for yet another Free-tique event for folks who are feeling a little nutty because of #coronavirus. This is a time to buckle down and summon some writerly strength so we can subject ourselves to more torture by putting our manuscript through the C. Liu Wringer. 🙂

We were made for this, right?! RIGHT?!

As kids and teen book writers, we are tough. STRONG. Most of all, we are persistent in trying to write the best content out there for our readers. So let’s get on with it!

Here are the rules. PLEASE READ IN FULL BEFORE SUBMITTING OR RISK ELIMINATION. (Btw, this time there are NO prizes; we can’t even mail you anything right now, and the pooches and I are crushed with pandemic-related-activities, so we hope you will remember that YOU are already a prize because you do the great job of writing for children and teens. 🙂

Children’s or Teen Fiction Only.

There will be a question/submission deadline of 12 p.m. Central on Friday 3/20/20 to give the pooches plenty of time to gnaw on your material and render a verdict. If you are not submitting work, but asking general questions, you can do that, too. I ask that all questions also be submitted in advance so we can consider your most pressing questions and answer them during the event.

You do not need a Facebook account to view the live event. Anyone who goes to the link should be able to see it. It will occur at 4-5:30 p.n. Central on Friday 3/20/20, provided we aren’t invaded by an army of alien robots next) and it will happen on my author Facebook page here, The recording of the event will also appear on the page soon after it is over. Folks, if you’re friends with me on Facebook, my author Facebook page is different than my personal Facebook, so feel free to follow the page linked in this graph and/or set a notification if you’re worried you will miss it.

Here’s how to submit.

I will take submissions by email. Please do NOT send your submission to any email addresses I’ve used in the past. My email is getting totally revamped so that will not work.

I will provide the new email address at the end of this post.

Next, if you are submitting a sample of your ms for critique or a pitch, please do the following (scroll down for how to submit general questions only):

1) In the Subject Line of your email

For ms: Specify a) format PB, CB, MG, YA) and b) title (e.g. PB If You Give a Pooch a Pandemic). Please read the glossary if you don’t know what the abbreviations mean.

For a pitch: Specify a) PITCH: b) format as above. c) title as above.

2) In the body of your email

a) Copy and paste up to 125 words. Do not worry about formatting. Do your best. I can read hieroglyphics. You do not have to be super uptight about 125 words, but please don’t go over by much or you risk the pooches sending your words straight to the yard for immediate burial in their favorite spot by the oak tree.
b) You may also follow that with the ONE question that you hope to know about your submission. If you have no specific question, then skip this part.
c) Double-check the email address you are sending your work to.
d) Hit Send.

e) Wait until the Facebook Live event happens or is over. More details will be provided then. You will get a number as we have done in past rounds but it won’t happen right away; it will happen as your manuscript comes up for munching during the event, and it will arrive as a reply to your email.

If you are submitting a general pressing/vexing question (e.g. something about children’s book publishing, authorship, promotion, etc.) …

a) For your subject line: put the words QUESTION ONLY: [And then a brief specific summation of your question or the question itself] like so … QUESTION ONLY: How should pooches address the topic of bacon addiction to puppies?
b) In the body of your email: you can further elaborate upon this question in the body of your email.
c) Check for correct email address.
d) Hit Send.
e) Wait until the Facebook Live event happens or is over to get your question’s answer.

One submission and one general question per participant, please.

Here is the all-important email address: WFCATcrew AT gmail DOT com. Remember, your submission/questions are due before 12 p.m. Central on Friday, 3/20/20.

That’s it! If you need help with any of these rules or have any questions about the free-tique event process, please click on the message icon in the lower right of your screen and that will message us right away. Hopefully, we haven’t confused anyone. We will do our best to answer your question!

Happy Free-tiquing, everyone, and we’ll see you soon! Arf! Meow! <— that was Shaun, impersonating a cat.

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