#HLS2017 – Hook, Line, & Sinker ROUND 1 OPEN until Wed 11/1/2017 @11:59 PM CST

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, read the Official Rules.

Once you’ve got that all figured out, cast your first line! Failure to follow the rules could result in an automatic sinking of your ship. Please make this easy for our skippers and deckhands!

Round 1 will close at the date and time (CENTRAL) listed in the title of this post.

New entrants can enter anytime though as long as the entire challenge is still going, even if you miss Round 1.

Anything can happen in this game, so step up to the dock with your gear and get going!

Please help us make this even more fun by letting others know what’s going on and inviting them to join in on the competition! This is also your chance to earn bonus casts by sharing the fishy love.

The more fishing there is, the bigger the frenzy, and the more likely our judges will hang around to see what’s worth nibbling on!

#HLS2017 is the official hashtag for this challenge.

Good luck, everyone! Happy fishing!


4 thoughts on “#HLS2017 – Hook, Line, & Sinker ROUND 1 OPEN until Wed 11/1/2017 @11:59 PM CST

  1. After seeing the free feedback, can we change our 1st line when we submit our 1st 125 words? Or does every word need to stay the same if we progress from one cast to the next?

    1. Yes, you may make edits to your entry based on feedback if you so wish if you pass this round and move on to the next.

      Happy Fishing!

  2. To be clear, if I missed the cutoff for Round 1, I can still enter once Round 2 opens, under that specific round’s guidelines?

    1. Yes, if you wish to enter in the challenge and have not yet submitted, you may enter your first line once Round 2 opens. Happy fishing!

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