#HLS2017 Sudden Catch Results: Who caught the big one?

Hello Anglers,

Without further ado, the crew has cast their votes, the judges have judged, and we have our official #HLS2017 Results. We decided we would separate out the CB category from MG so those could be judged separately, so we will be awarding 4, instead of 3 winners.

PB: #200 caught the big one!

CB: #172 caught the big one!

MG: #215 caught the big one!

YA: #175 caught the big one!

For those of you who are saddened by these results because you threw your bait out there and didn’t bring in a giant flopping fish, trust us, we at WFCAT.com know exactly what it’s like to be on the verge. Feel free to read all of our Authors on the Verge interviews for inspiration. While this competition wasn’t about getting a book contract, you may have noticed that it felt awfully like what it feels like to try. But the name of the game in publishing (and fishing!) is to persevere, be patient, understand that sometimes you have to try a different approach, and even if you catch nothing at all, you keep on fishing anyway because you LOVE IT.

That said, we do want every angler who made it to Sudden Catch to have some idea of what might have prevented the fish from picking their particular work, so Captain Cynthea will be getting back to each of you by email to offer a few comments to you. Please be patient for that as she is traveling this week but rest assured, you will hear from her before the holidays.

For the winning anglers, Cynthea will also be getting back to each of you next week to schedule a time to discuss your work by phone.

Congratulations to our winners and every angler who participated in the challenge. We hope that. regardless of the outcome, everyone came away feeling they are part of something much bigger than their work and themselves. You all belong to a wonderful community of writers who work hard at what you do. Your passion is immeasurable, and we here at wfcat.com are so proud to be part of your journey!

Happy fishing (and we trust you will never look at fishing in the same way again)

The WFCAT Crew


2 thoughts on “#HLS2017 Sudden Catch Results: Who caught the big one?

  1. Thanks to all of you for the hours spent reading our work and offering feedback. Another super fun contest, Cynthea! Congrats to all the winners!

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