RLGL Round 7-Longer Works is OPEN until Tuesday, 5/17/16 CST, New entrants may enter anytime

Round 7 for this year’s Red Light, Green Light contest is OPEN for submissions! Remember, this is only for longer works; we are no longer accepting entries for picture books. New entrants to the longer works category may enter at any time so long as the round is open. Woof!

To expedite our review process, and given the volume of entries we are receiving, we are reinstating feedback codes to deliver your results. There’s no time to be able to tailor our responses as much as we’d like. But this should still give you a good idea.  Check out this page for common reasons why your manuscript may be sent back to start.  If you receive a code, you can look it up on this page to find out what went wrong. Thanks for understanding!*

This does not mean that we are done returning ALL results from the previous round. It just means this round is open for new entrants and any existing entrants who have received their results from the previous round.

When we have returned all results, that will be noted in this post. So please don’t ask about your submission until it is clear that all results have been returned. Thank you! Finally, to help us keep better track of your submission, please submit your work to the right category.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, look at our Rules and Regulations.

Once you’ve got that all figured out, click that submit button at the bottom of this post.

This round will be closing submissions on Tuesday, 05/17/16 @ 11:59 CST. New entrants can enter anytime though, even if you miss a Round.

Anything can happen in this game, so get in when a round is open. Please help us make this even more fun by letting others know what’s going on and inviting them to join in on the competition! #RLGL is the official tag.

Good luck, everyone! WOOF!


4 thoughts on “RLGL Round 7-Longer Works is OPEN until Tuesday, 5/17/16 CST, New entrants may enter anytime

    1. We will be extending the deadline, but we haven’t quite determined when the new deadline will be. Stay tuned here for more information!

  1. I had made it through several rounds with my MS, but I’ve since received some feedback ony my overall plot structure that’s necessitated a rewrite of my first chapter, however, the first 125 words are almost identical. If the rest is rewritten, does that constitute enough of a rewrite to resubmit starting from scratch?

    1. KRS- Sorry, but you’ll have to wait until our next game of Red Light, Green Light to re-enter your MS. Otherwise the contest would last forever! Feel free to enter into round 7 with a different MS, though. Woof!

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