Writers/Illustrators developing Asian Content: AFCC 2013 Registration has begun

For those of you who have a keen interest in developing literature or other media featuring Asian content, you should know about this conference held each year in Singapore. I had the wonderful opportunity to act as a faculty member last year, and it was an eye-opening experience to meet counterparts in the East from all over that side of the globe.  Consider attending this conference! You will gain a broader, more global perspective about children’s literature and develop a profound appreciation for our creative counterparts in the East, who share a love of literature and the development of media for children, regardless of where the children live, in the East or the West.

From the AFCC’s Press Release:

Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2013

Premier event starring Asian Content for the World’s Children taking off with The National Library Singapore

The National Book Development Council of Singapore, partnering with The National Library of Singapore for the first time, presents the ASIAN FESTIVAL OF CHILDREN’S CONTENT 2013 from May 25 to 30.( www.afcc.com.sg)

The Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) is back this year with six days of packed programmes highlighting emerging trends, challenges and effective methodologies for those interested in Asian Content for Children. With some of the world’s top experts and most successful talents in the field invited to share their insights at the following events, delegates can expect to encounter opportunities that can bring their work to the next level and enhance their long-term success.

The interest in Asian content for children is reflected in the size of AFCC Media Mart, which will be the biggest in AFCC history. A larger venue at The National Library of Singapore had to be booked to accommodate the additional booths for vendors.

Kenneth Quek, Festival said, “This year, AFCC not only introduces new initiatives but also expands on existing ones, addressing both the demands of industry players as well as professionals who continue to display a keen interest in Asian Content for their children. These events help us further our mission of being a platform for the creation, production, publication and distribution of children’s materials with Asian content to children worldwide.”

An inaugural programme for the 2013 festival will be the AFCC Seminars, which will focus on Young Adult literature, translation and blogging this year. Product launches are also being introduced.

The following Programmes will comprise AFCC 2013:

  • 25 May – AFCC Preschool & Primary Teachers Congress
  • 26 May – AFCC Parents Forum
  • 27 May – AFCC Seminars
  • 28 & 29 May – AFCC Writers & Illustrators Conference
  • 29 May – AFCC Media Summit
  • 30 May – AFCC Masterclasses

To learn more, visit http://afcc.com.sg.


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