Everyone say, “What’s up, Doc?”: office hours today from 11AM-5PM CST

It’s Friday. It’s Friday!

And Snoop knows how people love to do NOTHING on Fridays. Except write to Snoop.

So in an unprecedented move, Today’s Office Hours will be held from 11AM – 5PM. CST

Yes, that’s right, folks, 11AM – 5PM.

However, because the window is so long, YOU MUST KEEP YOUR QUESTIONS SPECIFIC. Don’t just ask Snoop – well, what do you think? The quality of your response may not be so great since Snoop doesn’t want to spend too much time with any one patient; he must make the rounds! So think about your questions carefully. You may only ask one SPECIFIC question at a time. The better your questions are, the more Snoop can answer.

For complete rules, see here…


Have fun, everyone!


The doc is in.

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