Free-tique round is open! Reserved Slots. Now move it!


Hey everyone,

This is what we’re doing this month. READ THE COMPLETE RULES BELOW before emailing Snoop. Breaking a rule may make your email subject to Snoop’s chomping. So read this carefully.

1) You must be a new tiquee, meaning Snoop has seen no more than 1 page of any of your manuscripts already.

2) The work you want to submit must be Children’s FICTION in any of these categories: picture book, easy reader, chapter book, middle grade or YA.

2) The manuscript can not be under serious consideration by an agent or editor. In other words, if you’re waiting on an agent or editor to give comments, or you’ve received comments and you are working on those revisions, don’t send that MS to Snoop.

3) The prize is a free-tique reserved slot for your full PB ms (max 1000 words) or for longer works, a first chapter line-crit and a 3-chapter big picture summary. If you win, you must redeem your slot by the end of this year. Feedback will be returned no sooner than July 15th.

4) To win, you must answer these questions in the body of your email.

  • 1) Why haven’t you linked your website or blog to the coolest, newly-redesigned, children’s writing site on the Internet?
  • 2) If you have linked to it, tell Snoop about your site so he can sing your praises by linking back!
  • 3) And finally, how handsome and intelligent is Snoop? This one better be good.

PLEASE NOTE: Linking to this site is NOT a requirement for the round. Your answers are what matters, so entertain Snoop as best as you can.

5) Email your answers and attach your manuscript to snoop AT cynthealiu Dot com. YOU MUST title the email: FREE-TIQUE ENTRY: [The format of your work, the word count, MS title]

e.g. FREE-TIQUE ENTRY: MG, 150,000words, Furry Snooper and the Chamber of Lettuce

First three people with the very best answers will win! You will receive an email saying you’ve won. If you don’t get an email back, assume Snoop has picked his winners. Don’t ask Snoop if you won or lost, or he will eat your name off the free-tique list. Sorry, but these are the rules. Snoop has lots to do today… clipping his nails, flossing his incisors, and watching the latest on CNN.

7) Now email your entry (1 per person) to Snoop At Cynthealiu Dot Com. This free-tique round will accept entries until 11:59PM CST TODAY. Winners will be chosen by the end of the week unless otherwise notified.


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