free-tiques: traffic cop round begins!


Before you send anything, read this post in full and carefully (the email address has changed among other things).

I know many of you have been killing to send me stuff already under consideration with agents and editors. SO guess what? I WILL ALLOW IT FOR TRAFFIC COP. Since it’s only a 1/2 page look. You may not send work under contract or published work (DUH!).

Snoop has put on the white gloves, the officer uniform, and his shiny black shoes. A silver whistle dangles from his teeth. He’s ready.

When Snoop gives the signal, you may send him your first page, which is equal to ONE 1/2 PAGE. I know some of you send full pages as page 1. But Snoop only takes 1/2 pages (dbl-spaced). Don’t worry about formatting the email. Just copy and paste. Send more than a 1/2 page and Snoop might give you a RED LIGHT for fun. Stick to the rules so Cynthea can accommodate as many people as possible.
In case you’ve never played before, here are the colors.

Cynthea puts on her editor hat.

  • GREEN = If this were real life, I would read the next page.
  • YELLOW = On a good day, I would flip the page. On a bad day, I might slip you the form.
  • RED = I use that SASE and I take off to sip martinis with friends who share my slush pile woes.

You may ask me Why, Why, Why? after the round is over. You will allow Cynthea and Snoop time to get back to you.


One work per person. Children’s fiction only.

  1. Tell me what kind of work it is (e.g., MG, YA, PB, ER, CB, etc.,)
  2. Tell me word count (estimate if unfinished).
  3. PASTE it to snoop AT cynthealiu DOT com

On your mark, get set, GO!

I will update here when doors are closed.

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