Important RLGL Update

Wowowow! Kissy has a lot of entries to gnaw on and he thanks you in advance for the glowing compliments. Please don’t hold it against him if he eats your ms.

Hang tight. We will post results gradually as we go through them. Do not email to ask about your result until we declare that all results have been posted. Doing so may subject you to complete elimination since it really screws up our mojo if we spend more time answering emails than reading submissions.

Also, if you miss a deadline, you may submit after the deadline to roll it into the next round. You just cant submit to the round that closed. We’re sorry if we weren’t clear on that. But do not expect a number assignment until after results have been posted for the round you missed.


3 thoughts on “Important RLGL Update

  1. If we missed the first deadline, when we roll into the next round do we send the first 125 words plus the 250 words or just the 125 words? I don’t want to send more than I’m supposed to.

  2. When it’s a new work, always send the first 125 words. The point is that your work should catch Kissy’s attention in Page 1 for the editor or agent, which is normally about a half page of words since the header and the book title and the paragraphing down (in typical manuscript format) shoves the actual text of the story downward on the page.

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