june jumanji justice, part two


You saw what happened yesterday. Cynthea offered RESERVED slots for free-tiques. Unheard of. Well guess what? Our friends overseas gave up TWO slots when the doors closed. That means, we can do a BONUS ROUND.

BUT WAIT – before you email me, YOU MUST READ THESE RULES. If you already have a reserved slot, you cannot participate. I am offering 1 retiquee slot. 1 new-tiquee slot. You will not need to attach anything as this is a reserved slot. See yesterday's post if you don't know what this means. ALSO Snoop insists we make it harder for people to secure these coveted tokens of writing assistance. You must prove to him you know how handsome and winning he is. This includes being familiar with his tastes. THEREFORE…answer the following questions correctly.

  1. What is Snoop's favorite sports car? (make and model)
  2. What beverage does Snoop drink? (be specific)
  3. What sort of accessory does he wear when he writes?
  4. What kind of music does Snoop listen to?

All of these answers can be found on LiveJournal. (Hint: scan the SNOOP SAYS: part of the LJ entries.)

You have one chance to get this right.

Snoop says:


email cynthEaliu AT yahoo DOT com < –note the E in my name.


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