june jumanji justice: you know what that means….


Yup, the cast is off. My foot is so small I could wear Thumbelina’s shoe. BUT LET’S NOT THINK ABOUT THAT. Because it’s time for JUNE JUMANJI JUSTICE. (it was too hard to come up with a free-tique alliteration for J). Why do I say justice? Because I know there are a few of you who’ve been waiting patiently for a tique but live on the other side of the world; my calls for free-tiques always come in when you’ve got your sleeping cap on and your feet tucked in for the night.

This means I will only take subs from people in time zones at least six hours from Central Standard Time. I believe that puts you right in the midst of the Atlantic or Pacific and beyond.


1) Your sub must be in English. Or Kindergarten Chinese (either one).

2) You must be targeting your ms to a publisher in the US. I have no idea how the other markets work. If you tell me it’s similar, then fine. I’ll look at it.

3) You must be a NEW-TIQUEE. (This is where the justice comes in)

4) Because I am too busy procrastinating, looking at crit buddies things, and doing my own stuff, you will actually be able to “reserve a slot”. GASP!!!!!!!!!!! Please, people on this side of the globe, do not be upset. You will get your chance, too. Mark your calendars for next week for a new notice.

5) Reserving a slot means this: You only have to email me lickety-split to secure one. BUT you must verify to me somehow you are living abroad. I don’t care how you do this (this can be funny. Snoop is in need of a good chuckle.) If you just send me an email with nothing even slightly humorous in it, you lose.

6) More rules: there will be FIVE SLOTS. You can “redeem” your slot anytime in the next THREE months (End of August), by sending in your Three Chapters or your PB, ER and asking me, “Cynthea, can you look at this now?” And I will say yes or no. But trust I will make every effort to accommodate you.

7) These slots are coveted things to have. They should be used when A) you think you’re ready to send out you work but you want Cynthea to have a look or B) someone important asked you for a revision and now you’re ready for a second opinion or C) You’re so completely confused about what you’re doing, you can’t move on.

Do not send anything currently in the hands of an agent or editor (this will become true for all future tique rounds, btw). MORE justice for people who’ve been dying to get in. You should hold your slot and let me know if you want to keep it until a response comes back. Or if you don’t need it, be nice and give your slot to a friend before it expires.

Alright, NOW, do we know how this works?


Email me at cynthEaliu AT yahoo DOT com . < --note the E in my name.

Snoop says:


Desidero mangiare il vostro libro.

Je veux manger votre livre.


Deseo comer su libro.

Ich möchte Ihr Buch essen.

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