NAME THAT BOOK: Winner announced!

And we have a winner for the contest to name Josh’s book….. drum roll please…… (Snoop?  A bit louder.) brrrrrrrrmmmmm, brummmm,  brummmmmm!


Thanks you so much to all of you for playing “Name Josh’s Book!” I feel really fortunate to have the collective brain of such a fun & creative group working on titling my book. There were so many great titles and kind messages. I wish it was like Little League and that everyone could get an award (even if it was the lame one I always got like “best teammate!”), but I’m just going to man up and pick a winner.  The name of the book might end up being something totally different of course, but it was great to have such fun suggestions and I did share the winner with my editor.

So the winner is Traci at—email hidden to protect her identity–I don’t think I got a last name from you, Traci.

Several of you actually came up with the same main title, which I like, but she added a clever subtitle. It sort of went against my advice to steer clear of fat puns, but Traci did it in a subtle and clever way. So the winning title is: SHAFTED: A LARGELY SOLVED MYSTERY. Intriguing, no? I think so.

So Traci, please send me some writing & I’ll do my best to give a helpful critique!

Everyone else: thanks again! You might hear from me again on Cynthea’s page (if Snoop will have me)—Snoop says, of course!—and if you’re into social networking, please add me as a friend! You also have my e-mail if you have a question that maybe I can help with. Thanks again!

Congrats, Traci!
And thanks for playing, everyone!
Cynthea and Snoop (and Josh!)

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