RLGL Prize Announcement

Hello, everyone!

If you are a free-tique winner for novels, please submit up to ten pages (max 2500 words) of your work for critique to sub at wfcat dot com, attached as a word document.  You may also include a synopsis. The synopsis will be read for content to help inform my critique.  It will not be critiqued itself.  Title your email: Free-tique Winner #XXX: MS Title, Format.  E.g. “Free-tique Winner #999, MY MS ROCKS, MG”.

If you are a free-tique winner of a PB/Board book – please submit your entire manuscript as a Word Document to  sub at wfcat dot com.   Title your email: Free-tique Winner #XXX: MS Title, Format  E.g. “Free-tique Winner #001 MY PB ROCKS, PB”.

If you are a Round 7 entrant, please PASTE the body f your query letter, single-spaced (no more than 250 words) in an email to query at wfcat dot com.   Title your email: Query: Round 7 #XXX, MS Title, Format.  E.g. “Query: Round 7 #704, PITCHING IN, YA”

All free-tiques and quick-crits of query letters will be completed my the end of November, roughly.  If you do not receive a response by then, please feel free to email me checking for status.  You must turn in your query letters and free-tiques by November 5th.

Agent Referrals:  You will receive an email directly from me notifying you of the referral so you don’t have to check the website.  I imagine those will be done over the course of this week and next. When referrals are complete, your # will be posted here.

Thank you, everyone, for your supports of PAWS and RLGL!   Until we play again!


Cynthea and Kissy


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