RLGL Round 1 Results: New racers may enter at any time


NEW RACERS: Visit this post for full details on how this game is played.

Woah. Snoop has put on his editor hat and gone through over 100 entries.  He’s a little stuffed from all the manuscripts he’s eaten, and he thanks you for supplying such a tasty meal!

Please note: if Snoop ate your entry and then used it as litter (e.g. you did not advance to the next round), you should not feel upset or rejected, even though your mind and body might feel otherwise . You’re looking for a match. If Snoop isn’t it for this work, c’est la vie. Have fun with this! Send in another 1/2 page (125 words max) of a different work by the deadline and wait for a new entry number. You never know, maybe Snoop will like your next work better.

If your entry passes this round, include your ENTRY # first, then Page #, Type, and MS title  in the SUBJECT LINE of your next page submission. (e.g. #85, p.2, PB, BUNNY’S GOT A NEW SET OF WHEELS) This next page would be the next 250 words in your manuscript.

Failure to follow any of the rules for RLGL will make you subject to elimination.

Here are the results! If there is an asterisk next to your submission, you are on shaky ground with Snoop. He’s hoping you will redeem yourself with your next page, otherwise,  munch-munch-munch-BURPPPP!  So pay attention.

Please wait until the entire RLGL game is over before requesting feedback on your submission.  This will ensure Snoop can keep himself organized.

Finally, if you enjoy playing RLGL, feel free to spread the word about RLGL with your writer-friends. Snoop is hungry!!!

Number Type Send in next 250 words Back to Start
1 YA X*
2 PB X*
3 PB X
4 PB X*
5 PB X
6 YA X
7 CH X
8 YA X*
9 YA X*
10 MG X*
11 YA X
12 MG X*
13 PB X
14 PB X
15 PB X
16 MG X
17 MG X
18 YA X
19 PB X
20 PB X
21 PB X
22 PB X
23 MG X
24 YA X*
25 MG X
26 PB X*
27 MG X
28 PB X
29 YA X*
30 X
31 YA X
32 PB X
33 PB X
34 PB X
35 PB X
36 YA X*
37 YA X
38 PB X
39 YA X
40 CB X
41 YA X
42 MG X*
43 YA X
44 MG X
45 PB X
46 PB X
47 MG X*
48 PB X*
49 YA X*
50 PB X
51 PB X*
52 MG X
53 PB X
54 MG X
55 PB X*
56 PB X
57 MG X*
58 YA X
59 MG X
60 PB X
61 MG X
62 YA X*
63 YA X*
64 YA X*
65 PB X*
66 PB X*
67 MG X*
68 MG X*
69 PB X
70 MG X
71 YA X
72 MG X
73 YA X
74 PB X
75 PB X
76 PB X*
77 YA X*
78 PB X
79 PB X
80 PB X
81 MG X
82 PB X
83 PB X
84 CB X
85 MG X*
86 MG X*
87 MG X
88 MG X*
89 PB X
90 PB X
91 MG X*
92 PB X
93 YA X*
94 ER X*
95 YA X
96 YA X*
97 CB X*
98 YA X
99 MG X
100 PB X
101 PB X
102 MG X*
103 YA X
104 PB X
105 PB X
106 PB X*

If you did not receive an entry number, please check your Spam box to see if Snoop’s email landed there.  If you still have no entry number, forward your entry again and explain the situation. Thanks!

SNOOP SAYS: Green light! You have until 11:59PM CST tonight to turn your stuff in. If you miss this deadline, you simply do not compete in the round. Just get your submission in (only one entry at a time), and it will be rolled into the next round.

104 PB X

14 thoughts on “RLGL Round 1 Results: New racers may enter at any time

  1. Hi Snoop and Cynthea!

    Thanks for the fun contest! 🙂

    FYI — when I hit “reply” to your last message, the email address that came up was “dare@cynthea…” rather than “sub@cynthea…”

    Which address should we use for page 2?



  2. Just to verify, if you made it to the next round, you want 250 including the first 125, right? Not the 250 after that 125? And although it’s technically the remainder of the 1st page, do you want us to label it as p. 2 so you know it’s the second level?

    1. No, be sure to send in the NEXT 250 words (that’s an average 2nd page in a manuscript. )You do not need to include the first 125 words in that submission.

    2. Hi! Please send in your next 250 words (you do not need to include the first 125.) The idea is to sorta simulate a real manuscript scenario but keep it fair among all players. Everyone uses different fonts and margins. Sometimes chapter breaks messes up the whole “fairness” thing, too.

      Does that help answer the question?

  3. Hi…I haven’t received an entry number yet. I’ve checked my spam and forwarded my entry again. Just checking.

    1. Your # is 80.

      I seem to have no way of getting an email through to you. Agh. Perhaps try adding SUB at CYNTHEALIU dotcom to your address book?

  4. Hi Cynthea, I didn’t get an entry number yet either. I forwarded my submission again so hopefully you have received it. Thanks for your generosity in doing this!

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