RLGL: We Love Libraries, Round 12 Results, new racers may enter at any time

Will Round 13 happen? Help us make it to 400 comments by Sunday, May 3rd, 11:59PM CST, and the race is on!

The challenge post is here.  Please leave a comment (one per person!).


THIS JUST IN: Round 12 Twitter Thoughts from Snoop are posted.  http://www.twitter.com/thesnooper

From this point forward, Snoop is only posting feedback on Twitter to ensure you get ALL feedback for each page as quickly as possible. (So think of it this way–before you only got feedback for the entire work. Now you can see his thoughts for EACH page you submit.)  This makes it easier for Snoop and better for you.  (you do not need a twitter account to see Snoop’s thoughts.  Just visit the Twitter link above.

THIS JUST IN-IN! We have a PB winner for the last Free-tique #242!!!!! No more free-tiques to win. But  ALL age-levels may continue to play just for the sake of playing and getting Snoop’s thoughts (now available on a page by page basis.

To enter a new work: See full rules and details here.

Okay, back to business. Snoop has reviewed works submitted before yesterday’s deadline.  All other works received afterward will be automatically entered into the next round.

Here are the results for round 12.

Back to Start Send in next page Page Received
63-MG 12
247-YA 1
248-MG 1
243-PB 3
249-YA 1
242-PB 3
250-PB 1
251-PB 1
252-PB 1
212-MG 6
181-YA 7
253-PB 1
210-PB 5
254-PB 1
200 7*
244 2

If there is an asterisk next to your page, this means you are in jeopardy of losing Snoop’s interest. There’s your warning.

If you do not see your number listed here at all, check previous round results, and if there’s still no match, contact Snoop and forward the email you believe Snoop may have missed.

That’s all, folks!

SNOOP SAYS, “Green Light!”

Green light! You have until Sunday, May 3rd, 11:59PM CST to submit your stuff for the next round.

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