RLGL: We Love Libraries, Round 4 Results. New racers may enter at any time

THIS JUST IN: Snoop will be telling all RLGL entrants why their pages were sent back to the starting line after RLGL is completely over. Unfortunately, we will not be able to go into it at great length but we will provide “reason codes” to help you understand what might have been the problem.  So everyone will walk away with feedback.  YES!!! If you are interested in participating in RLGL, read the original post for full rules and details: http://www.writingforchildrenandteens.com/2009/03/26/918/red-light-green-light-we-love-libraries-begins-tonight/

EVERYONE: Please help support a library-in-need and tell everyone and their dog about this post.  http://www.cynthealiu.com/2009/03/bloggers-library-loving-challenge/. I know Snoop and I had a lofty goal of 1000 comments, but we’re sticking to it. We’ve extended the deadline to Eternity but hopefully we’ll get enough before Snoop turns old and gray.  Plus, we think it’s really cool to hit a 1000 comments for anything. You do not have to be a part of RLGL to leave a comment for the Library-Lovin’ challenge.

Help us help a library-in-need in our home state of Oklahoma by emailing your friends, blogging about RLGL and the Library Lovin’ challenge. Heck, send a note to every parent, teacher,  librarian and media specialist you know. We’re so excited that we are 15% toward our goal BUT we could do better.  And we can’t without YOUR HELP.  THANK YOU!

Now back to business:

Snoop says, “RED LIGHT!” Snoop has examined everyone’s work that was submitted prior to last night’s deadline. New and old racers with new works, you will receive entry numbers when Snoop reviews all entries for the next round. YOU DO *NOT* HAVE TO WAIT TO RECEIVE AN ENTRY NUMBER TO SUBMIT YOUR FIRST HALF-PAGE. Just register (if you haven’t already) and send it in.

The following racers interested Snoop enough to see where your work is headed. Now that you have an entry number, please include that in the subject line of your email along with page no., book type, and MS title. (i.e. #14. p.2, MG, NO BUNNY’S BUSINESS).

New entrants this round: #113-#126

The following racers may submit Page 2 of their ms.

#98-YA*, #117-MG, #120-PB, #123-YA, #124-MG, #126-YA

The following racers may submit Page 3 of their ms.

#55-MG, #100-PB, #102-CB, #103-CB, , #112-PB

The following racers may submit Page 4 of their ms.


The following racers may submit Page 5 of their ms. (Novelists: please watch your pacing! Some of you are on shaky ground! Tighten your pages!)

#43-MG, #63-MG, #67-MG,  #88-MG

The following racers must return to the starting line. Snoop says, “Not right for me.” You may submit the first half-page of a new work and begin again. Remember: anything can happen to those who are ahead of you!

#51-YA, #52-MG, #58-PB, #69-YA, #92-MG, #104-YA, #113-PB, #114-PB, #115-PB, #116-MG, #118-YA, #119-PB, #121-PB, #122-PB, #125-PB


Some of you are still committing fairly common mistakes in your manuscripts. Please read our revision 9-1-1 articles if you haven’t already to improve your chances the next round.

Now: Green light! You have until TONIGHT, April 2nd, 11:59PM CST to submit your stuff for the next round.

8 thoughts on “RLGL: We Love Libraries, Round 4 Results. New racers may enter at any time

  1. Okay, Cynthea, I’m confused. I was assigned a new number for my last submission, but I was not able to submit last night (had to work late), but the new number I was given was told to go back to the starting line. Did someone else have the same number or is it because I didn’t submit?
    I do have to say that this game is such a great idea! It’s forcing me to take another look at my writing that, in a couple of cases, has been sitting on the back burner for a while. Thank you!!

    1. Your number is unique for EACH entry you submit. New work? You get a new number. If this number is sent back to start, sub a new work and keep trying!

  2. This is a great contest. Because we submit only 1 page at a time, it really forces me to look at the effectiveness of each sentence. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Cynthea and Snoop–Thank you for putting this contest on! I’ve gone back and made so many changes to my novel and I love them. Thanks for making me think about making each page stand alone–from the first sentence.

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