RLGL: We Love Libraries, Round 5 results. New racers may enter at any time

Someone asked Snoop a great question in this last round. “If I get sent back to start, what does it really mean?”  Here’s the answer: Snoop and I look at your work from several different aspects, much like we do when we a full critique, too. We look for fit in the overall market (does the writing and premise fit the target age range?), do we find the basic premise appealing? (i.e., is the value of the premise worthy of the sticker-price of the book?), and finally, is the writing/story compelling enough to warrant a look at the next page?  Our opinion is, of course, OUR OWN. This means someone else may have a different opinion, and that is how it works in the publishing world, too.  What might be Snoop’s cup of hay may not be someone else’s, and vice versa.

We will tell you though that vary rarely do we send back a work because it does not match our personal taste. Snoop and I have a very broad palate. We enjoy literary works as much as we do commercial works. We love all fiction formats (from PB to YA), and we love a good mystery as much as we do a romance novel. Action? Sure! Problem novels? Bring it on.  Talking animals? Sweet! Contemporary, realistic fiction. Why not? Humor?! YES!!!

So if we send you back to start, in general, it usually has something to do with fit in the marketplace, the value of the premise, and finally, most importantly, execution of the story. We’ll repeat again that it is just one bunny’s and one girl’s opinion. We do not speak for anyone else.  And we hope you will view this experience as only that. It’s an opportunity to see what someone else thinks about your work with the experience that Snoop and I bring to the table, and that’s that! We hope everyone is having some fun in the process.

Now back to business.

Snoop says, “RED LIGHT!” Snoop has examined everyone’s work that was submitted prior to last night’s deadline. New and old racers with new works, you will receive entry numbers when Snoop reviews all entries for the next round. YOU DO *NOT* HAVE TO WAIT TO RECEIVE AN ENTRY NUMBER TO SUBMIT YOUR FIRST HALF-PAGE. Just register (if you haven’t already) and send it in.

The following racers interested Snoop enough to see where your work is headed. Now that you have an entry number, please include that in the subject line of your email along with page no., book type, and MS title. (i.e. #14. p.2, MG, NO BUNNY’S BUSINESS).

New entrants this round: #127-#140

The following racers may submit Page 2 of their ms.

#98-YA*, #129-MG, #130-PB, #132-YA, #134-MG, #136-MG, #137-YA, #138-YA, #139-PB

The following racers may submit Page 3 of their ms.

#123-YA, #124-MG, #126-YA

The following racers may submit Page 4 of their ms.

#55-MG, #83-YA, #102-CB, #103-CB,  #112-PB

The following racers may submit Page 5 of their ms.


The following racers may submit Page 6 of their ms.

#63-MG,  #88-MG

The following racers must return to the starting line. You may submit the first half-page of a new work and begin again. Remember: anything can happen to those who are ahead of you!

#43-MG, #67-MG, #100-PB, 113-PB, #117-MG, #120-PB, #127-PB, #128-PB, #131-PB, #133-PB, #135-MG, #140-PB

If you do not see your # and you turned in your work prior to April 2nd’s deadline, please email snoop at snoop at cynthealiu dot com.

Having fun? Please spread the word about RLGL: We Love Libraries. Remember: EVERYONE WILL RECEIVE FEEDBACK ABOUT EACH WORK ENTERED IN RLGL, regardless of their standing in the race. So keep entering and bring your friends in on the challenge.  Support a library-in-need!  Refer new entrants to the original post for full rules and details.  http://www.writingforchildrenandteens.com/2009/03/26/918/red-light-green-light-we-love-libraries-begins-tonight/


Green light! You have until Sunday, April 5th, 11:59PM CST to submit your stuff for the next round.

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