RLGL: We Love Libraries: Round 6 Results, New racers may enter at any time

***BREAKING NEWS:  We have TWO novelists at the finish line.  Snoop missed #88’s entry which was submitted prior to the deadline.   This means both novelists will fight to the death for the free-tique in a page-off competition.  Any other novelist who makes it through page 7 will not be able to win a free-tique. However you can still go on past page 7 if our leading novelists are still playing each other.

This will be exciting, folks. Can’t wait to see what happens!

Also, the race isn’t over. So long as RLGL: WE LOVE LIBRARIES is on, Snoop will continue to accept novels until the race is completely over for everyone (or a sudden death round is announced). Every work will receive feedback (though, again, it will be brief – but hopefully still helpful.) Keep spreading the word.  Support a library-in-need.  Tell library-supporter friends to comment on this post. They do not have to be part of RLGL to comment. We’re 20% there!


If anyone you know would like to enter RLGL, refer them to the original post for full rules and details.  http://www.writingforchildrenandteens.com/2009/03/26/918/red-light-green-light-we-love-libraries-begins-tonight/

THIS JUST IN: Snoop will begin returning feedback soon.  To receive yours, PLEASE send an email to this special address:  whysnoop AT cynthealiu DOT com. The subject of your email should go like this: WHY, WHY, WHY? Entry #, Type of Work, Your MS title.  (e.g. , WHY, WHY, WHY? #14, PB, Nothing New under the Bun).  In the body of your email, PASTE everything you sent in for that Entry #.  So if you got to page 3, paste in Page 1-3 in that email.  This way Snoop will not have to dig around his inbox for all the emails to refresh his memory.  Submit ONE email per Entry #. Three entry #s? Three emails.  Okay? This way Snoop can work though each entry at a time between bites of carrot during breakfast or before he runs out to the store to get some Gummi Bears.  Wait patiently for feedback as Snoop will work through them as soon as he can,  without his brain exploding.  Finally, please do not email Snoop about the status of your feedback until he has announced here at Writing for Children and Teens that he has finished returning all feedback.

Now back to business.

Snoop says, “RED LIGHT!” Snoop has examined everyone’s work that was submitted prior to last night’s deadline. New and old racers with new works, you will receive entry numbers when Snoop reviews all entries for the next round. YOU DO *NOT* HAVE TO WAIT TO RECEIVE AN ENTRY NUMBER TO SUBMIT YOUR FIRST HALF-PAGE. Just register (if you haven’t already) and send it in.

The following racers interested Snoop enough to see where your work is headed. Now that you have an entry number, please include that in the subject line of your email along with page no., book type, and MS title. (i.e. #14. p.2, MG, NO BUNNY’S BUSINESS).

New entrants this round: #150-200

The following racers may submit Page 2 of their ms.

#98-YA*, #129-MG*, #137-YA*, #139-PB*, , 150-PB, 151-PB, 152-MG, 155-MG, 156-PB, 162-MG, 163-MG, 164-MG, 165-YA, 167-MG, 170-MG, 172-MG, 174-PB, 178-YA, 181-YA, 184-PB, 187-PB, 194-YA, 197-PB, #200-MG

The following racers may submit Page 3 of their ms.


The following racers may submit Page 4 of their ms.

#134-MG, #136-MG

The following racers may submit Page 5 of their ms.

The following racers may submit Page 6 of their ms.

#76-MG*, #102-CB, #144-MG*

The following racers may submit Page 7 of their ms to finish!

The following racers may submit Page 8 of their ms to finish!

#88-MG, #63-MG

The following racers must return to the starting line. You may submit the first half-page of a new work and begin again. Remember: anything can happen to those who are ahead of you!

#55-MG, #83-YA, #126-YA, 129-MG,  #145-PB, #147-PB, #153-PB, #154-PB, #157-PB, #158-PB, #159-PB, #160-PB, #161-PB, #166-MG, #168-PB, #169-PB, #171-PB, #173-PB, #175-CB, #176-CB, 177-PB, 179-PB, 180-PB, 182-PB, 183-PB, 185-YA, 186-PB, 188-PB, 189-MG, 190-MG, 191-PB, 192-PB, 193-PB, 195-PB, 196-MG, #28-MG, 198-YA, 199-PB.

If you do not see your # and you turned in your work prior to April 9th’s deadline, please email snoop at snoop at cynthealiu dot com.

Having fun? Please spread the word about RLGL: We Love Libraries. Remember: EVERYONE WILL RECEIVE FEEDBACK ABOUT EACH WORK ENTERED IN RLGL, regardless of their standing in the race.

Support a library-in-need! 


Green light! You have until Sunday, April 13th, 11:59PM CST to submit your stuff for the next round.

8 thoughts on “RLGL: We Love Libraries: Round 6 Results, New racers may enter at any time

  1. hi!!

    i entered RLGL on wednesday, but didn’t receive an entry number! at least i don’t think i did! i just wanted to make sure i didn’t somehow delete it by accident, or not enter properly! i know snoop is SUPER busy, so i don’t want to bother him…but if you have a second! thanks!!!

      1. All taken care of! (i think)…
        i know i advanced to the next round and so i emailed in page 2 (along with page 1 again), and then received feedback from snoop. now i’m waiting to see if snoop wants page 3 or not. that’s where i should be, right? 🙂 thanks, cynthea!!

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback! I’ve been editing it over and over for months, and I never even noticed. It’s so great of you to do this.

  3. Hi Cynthea and Snoop! So excited to be a part of the RLGL fun… I posted this earlier, but it somehow deleted itself. I am new to this type of thing and was curious as to how the PB manuscripts were supposed to be submitted?

    I was asked to submit the second page of my PB, and I’m not sure if I should send along the story in chunks that seem logical, or if I should stick to “one page at a time” (even if it’s just one sentence).

    Thanks in advance for your response– I know it’s a busy weekend for bunnies!


    Green light! You have until Sunday, April 13th, 11:59PM CST to submit your stuff for the next round.

    Snoop, it’s a mistake even a bunny could make, but do you mean the round closes on Sunday, April 12 or Monday, April 13?

    Thank you both for running such an excellent contest.

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