RLGL: We Love Libraries, Round 8 Results, new racers may enter at any time


Snoop and I really want to make our Library Lovin’ challenge goal, and we can’t do it without your help.  Sooo…. this is your warning (or your kick in the pants), once the comments stop on our challenge post, so do we.  We’re not doing this just for thrills, you know. There is a library-in-need that would like to receive our moolah, and we’d like to give it to them before the year 2015.

So tell your buddies,  your mom, sister, the mailman. Any writer’s listserves you belong to. Any SCBWI-listserves. Friends of the Library, your alumna groups, your local House Rabbit Society (Snoop added that one) … It is National Library Week, yanno.

Participation in RLGL itself  is optional for the Library Lovin’ challenge. Save RLGL, help a library, and get movin’! Here’s the challenge post link to provide to give to your compadres.


Yes, together, we can make this happen. But please, before Baby Liu goes to college, okay?

Now back to business.

Okay, this is what you’ve been waiting for—the results!

Snoop says, “RED LIGHT!” Snoop has examined everyone’s work that was submitted prior to last night’s deadline. New and old racers with new works, you will receive entry numbers when Snoop reviews all entries for the next round. YOU DO *NOT* HAVE TO WAIT TO RECEIVE AN ENTRY NUMBER TO SUBMIT YOUR FIRST HALF-PAGE. Read the full rules here: http://www.writingforchildrenandteens.com/2009/03/26/918/red-light-green-light-we-love-libraries-begins-tonight/

New entrants this round: #221-231

We’ve reorganized the results to reduce the chance of error.

Back to Start Send in next page Page Received in Round 8.
221-MG 1
222-PB 1
223-CB 1
224-PB 1
225-PB 1
226-PB 1
227-PB 1
229-PB 1
230-PB 1
231-MG 1
174-PB 2
212-MG 2
213-YA 2
220-MG 2
181-YA 3
184-PB 3
187-PB 3
165-YA 3
172-MG 3
178-YA 3
164-MG 3
216-MG 3
136-MG 5
136-MG 5
76-MG 8
88-MG 9
228-MG 1*
232-YA 1*
202-CB 2*
211-MG 2*
200-MG 3*
142-YA 3*
210-PB 3*
162-MG 3*
102-CB 7*
63-MG 9*

If there is an asterisk next to your page, this means you are in jeopardy of losing Snoop’s interest. There’s your warning.

If you do not see your number listed here at all, check previous round results, and if there’s still no match, contact Snoop and forward the submission you believe Snoop may have missed.

That’s all, folks!

SNOOP SAYS, “Green Light!”

Green light! You have until Thursday, April 16th, 11:59PM CST to submit your stuff for the next round.

Reminder: Snoop is returning feedback now.  To receive yours, send an email to *this special address:  whysnoop AT cynthealiu DOT com.  NOT snoop AT cynthealiu DOT com. Got it?

The subject of your email should go like this: WHY, WHY, WHY? Entry #, Type of Work, Your MS title.  (e.g. , WHY, WHY, WHY? #14, PB, Nothing New under the Bun).  In the body of your email, PASTE everything you sent in for that Entry #.  So if you got to page 3, paste in Page 1-3 in that email.  This way Snoop will not have to dig around his inbox for all the emails to refresh his memory.  Submit ONE email per Entry #. Three entry #s? Three emails.  Okay? This way Snoop can work though each entry at a time between bites of carrot during breakfast or before he runs out to the store to get some Gummi Bears.  Wait patiently for feedback as Snoop will work through them as soon as he can,  without his brain exploding.  Finally, please do not email Snoop about the status of your feedback until he has announced here at Writing for Children and Teens that he has finished returning all feedback.

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