Round 5 In Progress: Goal 5 set!

Entrants, you may submit for Round 5 until tonight 8/26/12 11:59pm CST.  Have no idea how to play? Read the rules here and come back.

First, THANK YOU for your contributions.  We are doing so much for our furry friends. Kissy and I have been dancing around all weekend, knowing that all of your efforts  are going to help out a wonderful cause!  Arrrooooooo!

But it doesn’t end here. No, no.  Like we said, so long as there are people out there who want to help, we’re going to keep going with this.

We want you to think about how much this contest has been worth to you.  Have you learned anything yet?  Thought about your work a bit differently?  Taken something with you that you won’t soon forget?

Do you feel like you’ve already gotten more than $5 worth of feedback? $20? $40?   Is this worth more than a package of tube socks and a few cups of Starbucks?  Worth more than the cost of dry cleaning or a dental checkup?  Skip the dentist and the clean clothes; please please please, keep donating.

Tell your writing friends, call in reinforcements!

Based on the number of active submissions we have, we estimate that  if each of you can bring in another $5 by the next deadline, we can easily tip $1100. This will be challenging BUT don’t forget free-tiques are up for grabs and client referrals.  Also, we are offering up a new prize that will be announced IF we meet the next goal.  You won’t want to miss out.

Our next fundraising goal is now set at $1100 by  Monday, 8/27 11:59pm CST. Help us get there by clicking on this link and donating!

Round 5 Deadline is  Sunday 8/26/12,  11:59pm CST.

Round *4* ended at 8/23 11:59pm CST.  Anything submitted after that through Round 5 deadline will be in Round 5. See previous posts for Round 4 results.

Never want to miss another free-tique game again? Please make sure you are signed up for the free-tique email list for future games like RLGL!
Want to personally fund Kissy’s kibble? Consider having a paid critique instead.

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