round sixteen results: red light, green light


Congratulations #55! You have won the remaining PB/ER slot. Go dance with your bad self. Phew! 




YA-5, YA-81 – please go back to start.  YA-5, SNOOP IS VERY VERY SAD to see this number go back to start. He hopes you'll view this as an accomplishment to get this far, not a defeat.  You may ask Snoop why he made this decision, of course. Again, it's only one bunny's opinion. He hopes to hear from you.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE SNOOPER:  I will say one more entrant is on very shaky ground. Fortunately the last page may have been a save. But you never know how I'll feel about the next one. So don't be surprised if another entrant gets eliminated. Brace yourselves! 

PB-80* – proceed to page 2.

MG-48*, MG-74 – proceed to page 4

MG-41 – proceed to page 13.

YA-23 – proceed to page 15.

YA-18 – proceed to page 16.


The next results will be posted as soon as I get everyone's next pages but no later than sometime late this evening (probably around 8PM CST). With the following round after that in the morning. If you are afraid you will miss a round (there will be at least one more today), you may send Snoop an extra page in advance but not more. Understand you may not clear your next page though. But at least you'll have a chance to keep up. 

Make sure you're tightening those pages.

If you don't see your number here, let me know.

Good luck, everyone!

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