Tag, you’re it! Free-tique round results

Hey everyone,

Snoop had a great time munching through your entries (over 250, way to go!). We took the liberty of modifying some of your ideas. Here is what was passed up to my publisher. If your entry was the first to inspire the final version, you were emailed already to notify you of your win.  Here are the final results.

We would love it if you could vote which ones you like best. You may pick more than one!


WINNERS: Again, if you won a one-page freetique (250 words max), we have emailed you already to notify you of your win.  There were some cases where we got identical taglines. If you did not receive an email from us saying you won, that means your entry wasn’t the first one of its kind.

Thanks for voting and participating in this special free-tique round.  If you won something, please email your submission to tagline AT cynthealiu DOT com.  PASTE 250 words (maximum) into your email. FICTION children’s works only. Thanks! We will turn these back to you as soon as we can! Hopefully, before the end of next week, if not sooner!

Hope you all had fun and thanks again for playing!

Cynthea (and Snoop!)

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