We’re baa—ack! A free-tique round is open…



First, a big thanks to those of you who wished Baby Liu a warm welcome to the world. Your messages were lovely, the presents divine, and the good vibes were very much appreciated! With that said, I can’t wait to get back into writing-mode, and what better way to start off the year than with a free-tique round for everyone. Woohoo!

Traffic Cop is going on now. (Remember, this one is different than Red Light, Green Light.) I only have so much time before Snoop goes on strike from all the babysitting he has to do while I run this round.

So…read the rules and happy subbing…

We’re doing Traffic Cop with Quick-Crits. Please read
http://www.cynthealiu.com/freetiques to see what Traffic Cop and
Quick-Crits mean. And do keep the following points in mind.

1) Please PASTE in your half, double-spaced page in your email. This
must be the beginning of your work. Do not worry abut formatting when
you paste your excerpt into email. Cynthea is very good at reading

2) Do not ask Cynthea or Snoop if I received your submission. Assume
it got there if you sent it to SNOOP AT CYNTHEALIU DOT COM

3) You may send in only one submission, and you must get it in by
NOON (CST), January 4th. No exceptions!

4) If Cynthea senses that you have submitted more than half of a
double-spaced page, your work will not receive feedback. So stick to the rules.

5) Please make sure the subject line of your email states the
following: Genre, MS title, and Word Count (of the whole work).
Here’s an example: MG, WHY I LOVE SNOOP, 43,000 words.

Remember what the object of this exercise is–you are trying to see
if the first page of your manuscript (which is half a double-spaced
page if you are following standard manuscript format) will get a RED
LIGHT, YELLOW LIGHT, OR GREEN LIGHT. The signals indicate whether or not you
should STOP to reconsider your work because of some major issue
Cynthea has detected–that’s RED. YELLOW if there is something you
should consider reworking to improve that opening page. Or GREEN if
Cynthea found the page to be compelling.

Now start subbing and good luck!



SNOOP SAYS: Hey, that’s my line!

4 thoughts on “We’re baa—ack! A free-tique round is open…

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for the free-tique. It’s very helpful; sometimes I really need someone to pull me aside and say, “Hey, this way to the forest, okay?”

    1. You never know when the next tique round will be. Sometimes when I know enough in advance, I’ll send out an email to members of my free-tique list to give them a heads up!

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