WritingforChildrenandTeens.com is officially off the ground

First, if you haven’t noticed, Cynthealiu.com got a new look and a new web address (http://www.writingforchildrenandteens.com.) Yes, Snoop had to pack his bags and move over here since Cynthealiu.com will become my official author website in the coming months. WritingforChildrenandTeens.com–that’s WFCAT (pronounced WOOF-CAT in case you are wondering) is now the permanent home of all of our writing articles and free-tique rounds!

To celebrate the launch, Snoop and I are bringing to you a new column here at WFCAT. The column is called AUTHORS ON THE VERGE (that’s AOTV, pronounced AY-OH-TEE-VEE). We’ll be introducing you to the hottest authors in the biz. In fact, these guys are so hot that no one has even heard of them! Why? Because they’re the authors whose books haven’t even been released yet. The same people who are selling, selling, selling NOW! Come join us for a sneak preview of these authors and their books. Snoop and I hope you’ll gain terrific insight and some major inspiration from other pros besides us. (After all, we’re not the only ones in the biz no matter what Snoop tells you!)

We’re starting with Emily Ecton. Read all about her and her path to publication!

Finally, one last piece of news: I’ll be at the Printer’s Row Book Fair this Saturday in Chicago, signing my book, which is so aptly named WRITING FOR CHILDREN AND TEENS: A CRASH COURSE. Come by and say hello if you’ll be around. Ask me anything you like. (Please note: Snoop will not be in attendance. He has a lunch date with a head of lettuce. Can you believe it?)

Take care, everyone, and enjoy the new column and the new look!

Happy writing,

Cynthea (and Snoop!)

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