Top Ten Highlights SCBWI-LA Conference 2007

  1. Saw my SECOND taping EVER. (Can we say Season 3 premiere of DEAL OR NO DEAL, featuring guest Donald TRUMP?!). Of course it wasn’t as fun as it sounded. They kept me, my hubby, Tammi and Flora hostage for over six hours in a hot studio. It was almost enough to give me palpitations!
  2. Met a ton of LJers, including Meg O’Hair, Stephanie Ruble, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Jo Whittemore, Linda Joy Singleton, Kelly Fineman, Julie Winkler, Candie Moonshower, Lisa Albert, Lisa Schroeder (Lisa, Lisa Cult and Jam – runs through my head every time), Rita Crayon Huang, Pam Calvert, seaheidi, kidlit_kim, laurasmagicday, Greg Fishbone (congrats on your little one!!!), Anna Lewis, and last but not least, grizzlygirl1! (see more photos) If I’ve forgotten anyone, just chalk that up to being pregnant. I’m LOSING MY MIND.
  3. The nice public restrooms at the hotel. I visited them all.
  4. My first ever baby shower in Room 752, thrown by the illustrious Flora, Tammi, and my one true love (not pictured here). The celebration ended with me banging a nonalcoholic beer against a balcony railing in a desperate attempt to get it open without a bottle opener. I succeeded. Baby Shower
  5. Got to boogy on the dance floor, but sadly did not break out too many moves this year. 🙁
  6. Saw Bruce Hale again. Did not win a free prize during his workshop session, but just being able to chat with him was a prize in itself. Aw…..And he didn’t need a breath mint this time.
  7. A certain publisher who spoke at the conference, who inspired lots of creativity among the audience–including a picture I drew of the man himself. Publisher as walrus
  8. Turned myself into a Charlie’s Angel with Tammi and Flora. In case you were wondering, Tammi was Lucy Liu, I was Drew Barrymore and Flora was Cameron Diaz. Of course it took several tries before we got a respectable photo. Apparently, I am incapable of making a sexy face! GAH. Tammi Cynthea and Flora - the new Charlies' Angels
  9. Realized not everyone read my TOP DO’S AND DONT’S FOR ATTENDING CHILDREN’S WRITERS AND ILLUSTRATORS CONFERENCE article. Number nine, anyone? Did anyone read NUMBER NINE?! (Sure was fun to watch everyone, though). 🙂
  10. And last but not least, COMING HOME. Because there is no place like home!


Cynthea and Baby

Mommy and Baby


While you were out, I took the liberty of redecorating your basement. I used all the base molding for a nice bonfire in the media room, then rearranged the plants. I mean, ate the plants. Do you like it?

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