coffee with cynthea: talking animals and free-tiques


Today on Coffee with Cynthea, I discuss talking animals: Snoop's favorite subject.

***Also, I am closing shop for a week to do some INTENSE relaxation.***



A SPECIAL "RESERVED" FREE-TIQUE ROUND IS OPEN AS SOON AS YOU READ THIS ENTIRE POST. Five slots people. First come, first "reserved". You do not need to attach a manuscript. Retiquees, newtiquees, whoever. Your reserved slot must be redeemed by end of August. (Also, don't try to redeem this while I'm relaxing. Waste of time). What you are vying for is tique of your pb or the first three chapters (25 pages max) of your fiction children's novel. Only chapter 1 of novels (roughly 8 pages or less) will receive line-comments, the rest is read for perspective.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. Snoop was pretty annoyed with wrong answers from last round. HE DEMANDS, INSISTS, ORDERS his tiquees to work even harder to obtain a reserved slot. Also, any slot not secured by 11:59 PM CST will be gone forever. No bonus rounds. No Mr. Nice Bunny. He's had it!

You must answer the following questions CORRECTLY.

  1. If applicable, what must you say to Snoop to make up for any minor discretions you have made in the last round? If not applicable, what must you say to Snoop to convince him you deserve a free-tique?
  2. What will you give to Snoop when he authorizes Cynthea to accept your free-tique request (Snoop does not abide by the free-policy. Any gifts, real or imaginary, are welcome)?
  3. Who is the Internet's favorite bunny?

If you do not answer 1 and 2 correctly, you may try again until Snoop is satisfied. But miss #3, and you are banned from free-tiques FOREVER. He means it.

I will update here when Doors are Closed.



Email your answers to cynthEaliu AT yahoo dot com.

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