congratulations, beverly patt!

You know her as Beb. Bubba. B.

I know her as the woman who just landed a Blooming Tree Press contract for her novel OF ATVS AND ANGELS!

Bev will be coming to an LJ near you. But until that time, feel free to leave your Whoot-Whoots! here.

Bev, as some of you may know, is also my treasured crit partner. (Yes, that’s right. She gets Free-tiques whenever she wants. Everyone, be jealous.)

And get this, I had the honor of taking Bev out to celebrate. Now here’s your chance to leave your shout-out (do it again if you’ve already left comments everywhere on Verla’s). This girl deserves it!
Bev's Book Deal Lunch

She also deserved this:
Bev making history

Don’t worry, folks, she could drive home afterwards. hahahaha! Anyone who can guess what she’s drinking will win a free-tique. Yeah, that’s right. You heard me. (This will be very very hard- I am looking for exact flavor in addition to type of drink. So make and model. Not just make.)

Snoop says:

Looks like a daquiri to me. I like banana.

49 thoughts on “congratulations, beverly patt!

  1. At first I thought of a White Russian Milkshake but Ben & Jerry’s retired that flavor 🙁 so I’ll go with a Cherry Garcia Milkshake

  2. Bev, does your book have a ‘guess the drink’ mystery in it, too?

    I’m sticking with bubble tea and saying it’s coconut flavored. (I was going to say pickle flavored, like your new editor’s web name, but then you wouldn’t look so happy sipping it.)

  3. Could it be a chocolate mint milkshake, either made with thin mints or some knock off of thin mints, since thin mints are not easy to find all year?

  4. Congratulations BEV!!!
    My first guess (oreo milkshake is already wrong).
    So, I’ll try this: Ice coffee with carmel flavor & whipped cream.
    -Angela C

  5. Okay, after consultation with a friend (he doesn’t want a crit btw) here’s what we’ve come up with:
    Bev is drinking an ice mocha with tapioca pearls. (There might be espresso flavor or chocolate syrup but the basic drink is the ice coffee (espresso / mocha / etc…) and the bottom of the glass is the pearls.
    You were right, this is difficult… especially since every chain / joint / hang out / country has their own names for similar drink combos!!!

  6. Ooooo, some of you are SOOOOO close;)
    And thanks for the congrats!
    One of the MIRIAD of perks to being Cyn’s crit partner is a free lunch upon a sale.
    Wowee, I better get hustlin’ cuz I’m gettin’ hungry
    (and thirsty!) again:)
    And no, the Guess the Drink contest is entirely CL’s invention. Hard to believe? I think not.
    write on,

  7. Because I’d never heard of dragonfruit before but somehow have seen it three times since Saturday, I’ll say Dragonfruit flavored bubble tea?

    Turkish delight? 😉

  8. Buzz again! The reason why it’s so hard is because this drink “as labelled” does not usually look like this. So don’t let the color throw you off.

  9. Oh, man. Dragonfruit Bubble Tea Sounds awesome. But nope. Scan the earlier comments for a tip.

    And here’s another hint: the answer can actually be put together from clues in this comment.

    Now, go!

  10. Your rules do not state that we can’t guess more than once so here are my Bubble Tea flavors

    Taro – which has a cookie and cream flavor
    Green Tea

  11. Hahaha! I just made a new rule. Only one guess at a time. You must wait for a response before you submit another guess.

    The last one was not it.  🙂

  12. is this what the slush pile is like? submission, rejection, submission, rejection, submission…

    Bev, you’re so lucky to be drinking…strawberry bubble tea?

  13. First off, a huge congratulations Beverly Patt!!Yeehaw!!
    as for the bubble tea, how about raspberry-pomegranate?
    I couldn’t decide so put them together. Yum!

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