scbwi-la: part deux and a word about firedrill

Ah yes! I just finished another round of free-tiques. People, you're making my brain hurt with all this fabuloso writing. AGH.

Which brings me to talk about SCBWI-LA again. Since I can't blog about tiquees without exposing their identities, I will do a shout-out for SCBWI-LA'ers I haven't blogged about yet.

(in no particular order)

  • Michelle Lin – You are so freaking smart I could see the neurons firing in your brain as you spoke. We have to talk in NYC.
  • Rita Crayon HuangScandalous! We shall party it up once more, I know.
  • Cher Quinn Fitzgerald- who probably has no idea I'm blogging about her. We talked like we'd known each other all our lives. When in fact, we were both just waiting for the valet to get our dang cars.
  • Gregory K. Pincus – all I have to say, once again, is what a story, what a man. In fact, I think your blog should be named that.
  • Greg Trine – you are not just a cone-head to me. You are a genius.
  • Ermena Vinluan – JUMP RIGHT IN. It's not a novel. It's a story.
  • Sarah Darer Littman – Let's get this pah-tay started!
  • Ruta Sepetys – I wish I had a chance to tell you I LOVE saying your name. And OMG, how fun it was to meet you!
  • Disco Mermaids – If you get me a pair of fishnets, I will wear them next year. (UNDER LONG PANTS).
  • Lisa Albert – can we say you just exude, "COOL". Yes, you do. You are living, breathing cool.
  • Coleen Murtagh Paratore – I am "dying" to see your next book. hahaha.
  • Laurie Friedman – We shall meet again. In Chi-town! YAY!
  • Patty Christiena Willis -Is your house 3000 years old?! 🙂 Your words captivated me.
  • Justina Chen Headley – HI-YAH! It WILL be just like a yearbook. I will "Pass it on!"

And again, my apologies to those I've left out. I'm still high off of those free DVDs–oh my! Or you didn't give me your business card, DUH!

Now a word about FIREDRILL. I will have the RESULTS. TONITE! Did you hear me? TONITE. Stay tuned.


How come I didn't make your list?

*shuffles off to litter bin*


4 thoughts on “scbwi-la: part deux and a word about firedrill

  1. Cool? Even when I’m being dorky doing the Elaine Dance? Thanks for snapping that pic and sending it to me! LOL I put it in my slideshow on Myspace. You, my friend, are cool! Hope to see you in ’07 or sooner?

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