shameless promotion for Yoo and a free-tique round

People, will you quit it with the good news?!

I have one more announcement to make. David Yoo’s GIRLS FOR BREAKFAST is out in paperback. If you haven’t read this book, well WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? This one is a must-buy, must-read! And NO, Dave and I are not related (but we might look alike.) And yes, he did pay me to say this–somewhere there’s a free fountain pen in it for me.
And now Yoo’s brilliant novel can be yours for $5.99. If you enjoy densely packed humor, you’ll love this one. In fact, this book made me explode with laughter. The result? I accidentally drooled on my copy. (BTW, Dave, this is the book I’m going to make you sign.)

So I ask you, how many books have made YOU slobber lately?

What? None? Well then you have to buy this.  Girls for Breakfast Now!

To commemorate the paperback release, a free-tique round is open. Special rules apply. All entrants must identify the show Nick Park watches in Chapter Seventeen of GIRLS FOR BREAKFAST. The doors will be open until Thursday, the 21st. If you don’t have the book or can’t find it, ask your friends for the answer, then email Snoop. Once that’s done, feel guilty you cheated in the contest and quash that guilt by ordering yourself a copy.

All entries will will be thrown into a hat with Snoop. Snoop will eat those entries, but the last three he saves for dessert will be winners of a reserved free-tique slot. These slots may be redeemed no earlier than October 5th and no later than January 2008.


On your mark, GET SET, GO!

Email your answer to snoop AT cynthealiu DOT com.

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