taking a week off

Snoop and I are taking a break. Snoop already went hiking but now he wants to wear mudboots and a fly-fishing vest. He's hung up the Gone Fishing sign and set out for a river somewhere. Meanwhile, I will be hunkering down to meet some deadlines.

This means I will not be accepting free-tique redemptions, Why, why, whys, or emails which require my immediate response. No free-tique round this week either. But here's a gimme I promised earlier–Top Ten Things Snoop Learned from Red Light, Green Light.

2 thoughts on “taking a week off

  1. Hi Cynthea and Snoop…I was just wondering about the why, why, why’s from the Green Light Red Light…Have you finished all of them? I sent one to Snoop on July 16 and hadn’t heard anything yet, so I was just wondering if you got that or not? Thanks, Brenda

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