top ten highlights from my trip to the caribbean


Top ten highlights from my trip to a Spanish-speaking island in the Caribbean…

  1. A vacation is never complete without a visit to the medics (Do you-o have-o crutches-o?).
  2. Real orange juice, real ham, and real coffee! (what are they feeding us in the U.S.?)
  3. A room with TWO views– ginormous pool AND the ocean. At no extra charge. Woo-hoo!
  4. My husband learns how to sail.
  5. I learn how to become a back-seat sailor. (Watch the wave! Watch the swimmers! Watch the boat!)
  6. 4 days of sunshine, 2 nights of unidentified stomach illness (was it the sailing or the ham?), and 1 cool evening of tropical rain.
  7. Emails from Snoop. They include: "Where the heck are you?", "I ate your rug," and…"Did you get my message? I'm starting on the couch now."
  8. Summer reading completed!
  9. My right foot fits my shoe now.
  10. Coming home because there is no place like home!


Where-o is-o my-o hay-o?!! 

2 thoughts on “top ten highlights from my trip to the caribbean

  1. Haha! I do, but Snoop did manage to gnaw away at some of the piping in his reach. I’ve resorted to TAPING my leather couch so it’s harder for him to sink his teeth into it. SIGH.

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