Q: How do I make a picture book dummy?

A: If you are both a writer and a professional illustrator, then what you will want to do is create a picture book dummy. I’m not an illustrator myself, but I can point you to a great article on how to make one.


If you’re only a writer, then follow the steps in my crash course to learn how to submit your picture book manuscript.

2 thoughts on “Q: How do I make a picture book dummy?

  1. I have a question about the dummies. From my research, publishers don’t want a finished book sent, as that tells the art directors you’re finished and not willing to work with them if they suggest changes; yet others say they want a professional looking dummy;

    So, do I just send them really well done line drawings of each page in dummy form, and a few colored illustrations to show style and art ability, or sketchy lines, say in pencil of each page to show how the story flows? I want it to be professional yet not give the impression it’s a ‘finished’ piece of work; I’m not sure how detailed it should be.

    Any suggestions would be great!

    Thanks again!!


    (Just reposting this from the email, so everyone can benefit)

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