Q: Many publishers have multiple editors in charge of acquisition. Which one do I contact?

Q: I’ve written a picture book and I’m perusing the CWIM. Many publishers have multiple editors or
people in charge of Acquisition. How do I know whom to contact?

A: Great question. Read my article on submitting to editors here. It details in length how to find which editor to pick. http://www.writingforchildrenandteens.com/for-writers/step-six-find-an-editor/.

In short, it takes some amount of research, but it is well-worth the effort to target your submissions to a specific editor if you can. If you cannot narrow your choices down to a specific person, then locate the publisher’s guidelines online and send your submission to the contact listed there.

5 thoughts on “Q: Many publishers have multiple editors in charge of acquisition. Which one do I contact?

  1. Hi Cynthea,

    thank you so much for your guidance and advice. Although I’ve discovered your site only recently, it has proven very helpful.

    This business seems very competative, but I’m not giving up!

    All my best,

  2. The children’s writers & illustrators market is a great bible for authors. It usually pinpoints the right contact for submissions.

    Is it always advisable to seek an agent? There are hardly any in Ireland. This country is a curse for children’s fictional authors! Britain is far better, but I’m certain the american is just as good.

    Just got my first rejection in the post. On to the next one!

    Thank you so much for advice.


  3. Fiona, I’ll answer this question as soon as I get a chance. My book is coming out in 12 days… But long story short, it depends on what you’re writing. If your strictly PBs, then you’re better off submitting directly.

    CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST REJECTION!!! No, seriously! Now you’re a serious writer! 🙂

  4. As ever,

    Thanks for your encouragement. Just ordered your book. Should be getting in a month. I’m off for another caffeine fix!

    Talk to you soon.


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