Another Major WFCAT critique event is coming to this website next month!

Yup, you heard it. Jump on my email list here if you want to be the first to be notified when Cynthea, the pooches and her hungry and slightly fishy crew are ready to gnaw on your manuscript. All major event notices for this event will go out by email so everyone can stay in the game and play. Also this event will be celebrating something very special to Cynthea, so you know that this will be SUPER FUN, SLIGHTLY STRESSFUL, BUT WILL ALSO BENEFIT HUMANITY.

How to write a eulogy (one real person’s take even though this has little to do with children’s book writing or maybe it does?)

Hello WFCAT fans, I’m going to commit a huge SEO faux-pas here and write this article about eulogies because I’m getting older, and it just seems like people I know are dying everywhere. Facebook is a disaster for me. It used to be my happy place, but now I find so many sad things happening to my peers with the loss of their loved ones that I feel compelled to try to help as a writer.

Welcome 2018!

For those of you with big writing goals this year, I congratulate you on challenging yourself to such a feat. Me too! I’m also running a few one-on-one-coaching courses this year that I hope to roll out in 2018. If you would like to learn more about how to sign-up, please sign up for my paid critique list at as the first notice will go out there.

Attention: WFCAT Fans! Important opportunity you will not want to miss!

Hello everyone – both newcomers and long-time fans, I am about to make you an offer you can’t refuse via my free-tique and paid-tique email lists. PLEASE, sign up for the email list if you have not already, as this opp is first-come, first-serve. You will not want to be slow to pull the trigger on this one. An all-important email will go out later today via the email lists with instructions on what to do.

#HLS2017 Round 4 Results Complete, Sudden Catch Deadline: Mon. Dec 4 @11:59PM CST

Hello Anglers,

After a bubbly debate, the judges were able to narrow down finalists in each category but it was impossible to agree upon a clear winner based upon 250 words and one line. Therefore, the crew has decided to put our finalists up for the ultimate challenge: Sudden Catch! If your entry was selected for this round, you must now submit the first 2500 words of your work (if novel) or your complete ms (if PB) before the deadline listed in the headline of this post.

#HLS2017 ROUND 4 OPEN until Sun 11/26/2017 @11:59 PM CST, New Anglers enter anytime

Existing Anglers who passed the last round, please read the Official Rules about how to make your next submission.

This round will close at the date and time (CENTRAL) listed in the title of this post.

New anglers can enter anytime as long as the entire challenge is still going, even if you miss this round. READ THE OFFICIAL RULES before you cast your first line! Failure to follow the rules could result in an automatic sinking of your ship.

#HLS2017 – Hook, Line, & Sinker ROUND 3 Results Complete, New Anglers May Enter Anytime

Dear Anglers:

  • If your entry got the boot at 250 words, chances are, your passage did not make the cut when compared to other anglers with work in the same category. Think of it like the semi-finals before you go to the live show. In previous rounds, the judges looked at the work on its own, without comparison to other entries. But at 250 words, it starts to become more apparent to the fish which works are stronger than others.