AuthorsNow! is coming to a website near you!

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m creating a website for debut children’s book authors and illustrators called AuthorsNow! I think this will be a great opportunity for new authors and author groups to spread the word about themselves and their books! If your first traditionally published children’s or teen book (fiction or non – all age-levels, publisher listed in CWIM or CBC) will be coming out in 2009 or beyond in the U.S.A., you are eligible. There is no cost and no work commitment beyond what you want to put into it.

Two major components of the website are: 1) author pages (where you can talk about yourself and your books) and 2) cool content voluntarily contributed by members such as interviews, discussion articles, chats, and contests that would be of interest to booksellers, librarians, book reviewers, and teachers.

To learn more, check out the FAQ below.

If you are interested in having your author’s or illustrator’s page on AuthorsNow!, please apply here. And feel free to pass this on to your friends who qualify.


Why is it free?
It’s free because it costs me practically nothing to build a new website. Also trying to deal with collecting small sums of money from that many members isn’t worth the hassle.

What will I need to do?

To be a part of AuthorsNow!, you will need to sign up for the email list here so I know you want to have an author’s page. Once the new website is ready, then all you’ll need to do is update your page with your book information and whatever else you want to say about yourself. At minimum, that’s all you need to do. If you want to do more, I’m always happy to accept volunteer help.

How is this different from existing debut groups

AuthorsNow! includes all traditionally published children’s book authors – all formats and genres. Fiction and Non. (No self-published or POD books, sorry!) It also will work with other debut groups by linking to them if member authors so wish. Additionally, if other debut groups want to let AuthorsNow! know about what they’re doing on their website, AuthorsNow! will let its audience know what’s going on and link to them. Like other debut author groups, AuthorsNow! seeks to create a collaborative atmosphere among all debut authors.

Finally, joining AuthorsNow! does not preclude you from joining other groups. In fact, join as many as you can so you get your name out there. As debut authors, we have an uphill battle to climb to get noticed so don’t hesitate to promote, promote promote!

How will my books get the attention it deserves?
Your author page should be thoughtful and well-conceived. However it’s important to understand, Internet marketing is based on customer-pull, not product push. If a bookseller, librarian or teacher is looking for a new middle-grade adventure book, and they search AuthorsNow!, they’ll find you. Voila!

But how do I give myself more attention than that?

Providing content to AuthorsNow! that highlights yourself or your book in a constructive fashion is also another great opportunity to increase your visibility. You can also become an AN! columnist.

How many members will AuthorsNow! have?

There is no limit to the number of members who can join. Keep in mind though, every year, there aren’t THAT many new authors and illustrators to begin with. The more members though, the more traction AuthorsNow will get, and the more likely you and your book will be found. So tell your debut author friends about this excellent opp!

How do I sign up?
Subscribe to the AuthorsNow! email list here. That lets me know you want an author’s page. And don’t worry, your email address will not be used for anything but AuthorsNow! communications. More info about AuthorsNow! will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks.

4 thoughts on “AuthorsNow! is coming to a website near you!

  1. Wonderful idea, Cynthea. Thanks for getting this off the ground. I look forward to visiting and hopefully contributing in the future!

  2. I’m currently looking over my first book contract and expect to sign it in the next day or two. Is this too early to join since I don’t have too much information to share as of yet?

    1. Nope, it’s not too early. Your page won’t go up until the website is ready and YOU’RE ready (which means your contract is signed and you feel like you’ve got something to say!) So go ahead and subscribe now so I know to expect you and include you on my email list for AuthorsNow! info.


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