What’s up, Doc? Free-tique office hours from 9 – 11PM CST tonight


Hey everyone,

In this special free-tique round, Snoop puts on his white coat and stethoscope and steps into his office. You may ask him anything about fiction children’s writing or your work. Your question must also be specific–something Snoop can answer with one quick peek and a written prescription in his bad handwriting. (Examples might be…How do you feel about X? Or how do you define Y? Or do you think my work reads more MG or YA? I’m having a problem with this spot, any ideas for improvement? Does this opening hook you?)

  • All writing samples must be 250 words or less and pasted into the email.
  • Only one question per person. In the subject line of your email, write: OFFICE HOURS: Insert a short descrip of question here. Example– OFFICE HOURS: Does this opening hook you? This will make it easier to keep track of your question.
  • Your email must be received after Snoop has stepped into in his office and before he departs.
  • Please send to SNOOP AT CYNTHEA LIU DOT COM.
  • Snoop will eat your email if you break these rules. 🙂

Responses will be returned as soon as he can get to them. The doctor is in!

5 thoughts on “What’s up, Doc? Free-tique office hours from 9 – 11PM CST tonight

  1. Thanks for doing this, Cynthia. I really appreciated your feedback. It was very helpful.

    I look forward to more free-tiques . . .


  2. Grrr, Hiss…okay, okay, I’ll stop as I don’t want to scare Snoops but I am frustrated because I keep missing the free-tiques!

    As the old saying goes: I will try, try again! ;o)

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