#HLS2017 – Hook, Line, & Sinker Writing Challenge ROUND 1 Results Complete

Hello Anglers,

Results are in! But first a few notes on how the fish made decisions:

  • If the entry was difficult to understand or confusing at first glance without some serious fish food for thought, your entry may have gotten the boot.
  • The fish did cut some entries a break for punctuation errors or minor awkwardness if the line held enough interest. But just know they won’t be so lenient if the first 125 words are riddled with clunkiness. Double-check your work before you send it in. Read it aloud to yourself or to any pooch who will listen!
  • If your entry didn’t pass a round, feel free to cast a new entry for the next round.
  • A word about feedback on Twitter: we are doing our best to ensure that every angler receives feedback on Twitter – but we cannot guarantee you will receive feedback on every entry you submit. The pups need breathers and they’ve been running back and forth making sure the judges stay hydrated and get plenty of rest between decisions. If you did not receive feedback on a booted entry via twitter.com/cynthealiu, it may just not be right for our fish. It does not necessarily mean the entry wasn’t worthy. The bettas in the next bowl over might love it. Publishing is a very subjective field so try not to take bubbles from three goldfish too seriously, especially if they’ve only seen one sentence.
  • You may wonder why so many first lines made it. The truth is not every published book goes out with a memorable first line. The fish weren’t looking for the best lines ever invented (well, Tiger was, but we all know nothing pleases him). A lot of you did a passable job of it, and many of you impressed–we’ve got a group of smarties here! For those entries that passed, the next question is, will those entries make it through 125 words or will Tiger and the crew deliver a king-sized boot to you instead?
  • When you submit to the next round, please be sure to read the rules about how to make your next submission! Pay close attention to subject lines, bonus cast rules, and so on, and help the pooches keep our judges organized!

Round 1 Results
101 PB Hooked!
102 PB Hooked!
103 YA Hooked!
104 PB Hooked!
105 CB Hooked!
106 MG Hooked!
107 YA The boot. 🙁
108 MG Hooked!
109 MG Hooked!
110 MG Hooked!
111 PB Hooked!
112 YA The boot. 🙁
113 CB The boot. 🙁
114 PB The boot. 🙁
115 MG Hooked!
116 PB The boot. 🙁
117 PB The boot. 🙁
118 PB Hooked!
119 MG Hooked!
120 YA Hooked!
121 YA Hooked!
122 MG Hooked!
B123 PB Hooked!
124 PB Hooked!
125 MG Hooked!
126 PB Hooked!
127 YA Hooked!
128 PB Hooked!
129 PB Hooked!
130 PB Hooked!
131 PB The boot. 🙁
132 YA Hooked!
133 YA Hooked!
134 MG Hooked!
B135 MG The boot. 🙁
136 MG Hooked!
B137 YA The boot. 🙁
138 PB Hooked!
139 PB Hooked!
140 PB Hooked!
141 MG Hooked!
142 MG Hooked!
143 MG Hooked!
144 PB Hooked!
145 MG Hooked!
146 MG Hooked!
147 CB Hooked!
148 PB Hooked!
149 MG Hooked!
150 PB Hooked!
151 PB Hooked!
152 YA Hooked!
153 YA The boot. 🙁
154 PB Hooked!
155 PB Hooked!
156 PB Hooked!
157 PB Hooked!
B158 PB Hooked!
159 CB Hooked!
160 PB Hooked!
161 MG The boot. 🙁
162 PB The boot. 🙁
B163 YA The boot. 🙁
164 CB Hooked!
165 PB The boot. 🙁
166 PB Hooked!
167 YA Hooked!
168 MG Hooked!
169 PB Hooked!
170 PB Hooked!
171 PB Hooked!
172 CB Hooked!
173 MG Hooked!
B174 PB Hooked!
175 YA Hooked!
176 MG Hooked!
177 PB Hooked!
178 MG Hooked!
179 YA Hooked!
180 PB The boot. 🙁
181 PB Hooked!
182 MG Hooked!
B183 YA Hooked!
B184 PB Hooked!
185 YA Hooked!
186 PB Hooked!
B187 PB Hooked!
188 PB Hooked!
189 MG Hooked!
190 PB Hooked!
191 PB Hooked!
192 PB Hooked!
193 YA Hooked!
194 PB Hooked!
B195 PB Hooked!
196 YA Hooked!
197 PB Hooked!
198 MG Hooked!
199 PB Hooked!
200 PB Hooked!
201 PB Hooked!
B202 PB Hooked!
B203 PB Hooked!
204 PB Hooked!
205 YA Hooked!
B206 YA Hooked!
207 MG Hooked!
B208 PB Hooked!
209 PB The boot. 🙁
210 CB Hooked!
211 PB Hooked!
212 MG Hooked!
213 PB Hooked!
214 YA Hooked!
219 MG Hooked!


As of 11:59PM CST on 11/1/2017, Round 1 of the Hook, Line and Sinker Challenge closed. Look on wfcat.com to see if another round is open.

Another note: Submissions that missed the deadline for Round 1 went into Round 2. Please do not ask about your submission if you missed the deadline.

If you entered Round 1 on time, but did not receive an entry number, do not email Cynthea directly about it. Our deckhands are only using the submissions email address for submissions and inquiries. Cynthea’s email is reserved for everything but the HLS challenge so the deckhands can get to your emails faster.

Happy fishing,

The WFCAT.com team

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