#HLS2017 Hook, Line, & Sinker Writing Challenge Round 2 Results Complete

A few notes before we get to the results: You may notice that the judges gave a number of submissions the boot this round. Here are some reasons why: many of our anglers are onto 125 words. That, believe it or not, is a pretty tall order – did your first 125 words stand out enough or generate enough curiosity from the fish to warrant reading more? In 125 words, the fish can detect a lot about how your work compares to others and are happy to decline your bait if there’s something shiny just a few inches away that catches their attention.

Here are specific reasons the judges may have given entries the boot for first lines or 125 words.

a) they were confused and had to re-read the submission too many times to understand it clearly
b) the premise was clear but may not be as ideal when compared toother entries for the target market (particularly in the case of PB)
c) For PBs, the work may have been written with too many words that don’t significantly move the plot or character forward (e.g. extraneous details, minor movements, heavy descriptions, etc.). See this Revision 911 for PBs article to help you identify what might have given your work the boot.
d) the voice AND the premise didn’t feel compelling enough when compared to other submissions. If your entry was weak on one but not the other, Carrot and Fire vouched for your entry, even when Tiger was happy to give the work the boot. Do not rest on your pebbles; get to work and make your bait as shiny as possible if your entry was HOOKED! when you proceed to the next round.

And that’s the thing, as writers, we must consider that there are many fish in the sea (agents, editors) but a whole lot more bait (competing manuscripts). Did you do enough to make your work compelling enough to stand out, be it, premise or voice or the mechanics of writing itself in those few lines that you submitted?

If your entry passed this round, we hope that if you received feedback on any of these things, you will revise as needed if you passed the round.  If you did not receive feedback for this round since we are trying to cover everyone at least once, then please review feedback we have given to others on Twitter and ask yourself the same things (for the format that you submitted for: PB, MG, YA, etc.). Polish as needed before you submit again.

For those of you who had entries that did not pass a round, we have an exciting announcement: one of the beautiful things about WFCAT.com free-tique challenges is we here at WFCAT believe in the power of revision BEFORE you submit to agents and editors or fish, for that matter. We will give you a chance to revise your work and re-enter the work that was booted. The catch is, you won’t be able to win a challenge prize since the entry had been booted before, but you will get results like everyone else.

We’re calling this a Bait Swap. If you want to submit a previously booted entry again – REVISED – you can do so if you do the following: First, you may not have more than two entries in play in  any given round at any time (regular cast, bonus cast, or bait swap cast).  To earn a  bait swap cast, you must via Twitter, send the judges a giphy of bait they might like better to @cynthealiu on Twitter. To find a giphy, go to giphy.com. If you don’t know how to tweet a giphy to @cynthealiu, seek out help from your friends or relatives, not our team. Unfortunately we are all so busy that lessons on giphy sharing and Twitter is not in our list of duties.

The judges love giphys as you may have noticed on Twitter already. Your giphy could be anything–a shiny coin? A tasty bug? Something that symbolizes your work? Whatever it is, make it good, and if you can make the fish bubble with gurgly laughter in their bowl, even better. Next, email the challenge email address, and title your email: BAIT SWAP, Entry Number, Format, Manuscript Title (e.g. Bait Swap, #99, MG, IF YOU GIVE A GOLDFISH A SECOND CHANCE). In the body of your email, tell us what you did and give the pooches enough info that verifies you did the Bait Swap. E.g. My username is X and I tweeted the fish a giphy of Y. Then paste in your revised version of the submission that was booted. (For  example, if your entry was booted on a first line, then re-do your first line. If you were booted on the first 125, then give us a revised 125 for that work, and so on and so forth.

When our pooches process your BAIT SWAP submission, they will let you know your entry # and it will begin with an S for SWAP.

Official Round 2 Results

Please note: If the entry # result is Bobbing, this means the entry had passed the previous round but we did not receive your the next submission before the deadline. Your line is still out and you may submit the next part of that entry whenever a round is open. We will process your submission in the round it is received.

Entry # Format Round Result
101 PB Hooked!
102 PB The boot. 🙁
103 YA Hooked!
104 PB Hooked!
105 CB The boot. 🙁
106 MG Hooked!
108 MG Bobbing
109 MG Hooked!
110 MG Hooked!
111 PB Hooked!
115 MG Hooked!
118 PB Hooked!
119 MG The boot. 🙁
120 YA Hooked!
121 YA Hooked!
122 MG Hooked!
124 PB The boot. 🙁
125 MG Hooked!
126 PB The boot. 🙁
127 YA Hooked!
128 PB The boot. 🙁
129 PB Hooked!
130 PB The boot. 🙁
132 YA The boot. 🙁
133 YA Bobbing
134 MG Hooked!
136 MG Hooked!
138 PB The boot. 🙁
139 PB The boot. 🙁
140 PB The boot. 🙁
141 MG Hooked!
142 MG The boot. 🙁
143 MG Hooked!
144 PB Hooked!
145 MG Hooked!
146 MG Bobbing
147 CB The boot. 🙁
148 PB Hooked!
149 MG The boot. 🙁
150 PB The boot. 🙁
151 PB Hooked!
152 YA Hooked!
154 PB Hooked!
155 PB The boot. 🙁
156 PB Bobbing
157 PB The boot. 🙁
159 CB The boot. 🙁
160 PB The boot. 🙁
164 CB Hooked!
166 PB Hooked!
167 YA Hooked!
168 MG Hooked!
169 PB Hooked!
170 PB Hooked!
171 PB The boot. 🙁
172 CB Hooked!
173 MG Hooked!
175 YA Hooked!
176 MG Hooked!
177 PB Bobbing
178 MG Hooked!
179 YA Hooked!
181 PB The boot. 🙁
182 MG Hooked!
185 YA Hooked!
186 PB Hooked!
188 PB Hooked!
189 MG Hooked!
190 PB Bobbing
191 PB Bobbing
192 PB Bobbing
193 YA Hooked!
194 PB The boot. 🙁
196 YA Hooked!
197 PB The boot. 🙁
198 MG Hooked!
199 PB The boot. 🙁
200 PB Hooked!
201 PB Hooked!
204 PB The boot. 🙁
205 YA Hooked!
207 MG Hooked!
209 PB The boot. 🙁
210 CB Hooked!
211 PB The boot. 🙁
212 MG Bobbing
213 PB The boot. 🙁
214 YA Hooked!
215 MG Hooked!
216 PB Hooked!
217 CB Hooked!
219 MG The boot. 🙁
220 PB Hooked!
221 YA Hooked!
222 YA Hooked!
223 PB Hooked!
224 PB Hooked!
B123 PB Hooked!
B158 PB The boot. 🙁
B174 PB Bobbing
B183 YA Hooked!
B184 PB Hooked!
B187 PB Hooked!
B195 PB The boot. 🙁
B202 PB Hooked!
B203 PB The boot. 🙁
B206 YA Hooked!
B208 PB Hooked!
B218 PB Hooked!
225 YA Hooked!
B226 PB Hooked!
B227 YA Hooked!
B228 PB Hooked!
229 MG Hooked!
230 PB The boot. 🙁
231  Unassigned Unassigned
232 PB Hooked!
233 MG Hooked!
234 PB Hooked!
235 PB Hooked!
B236 PB Hooked!
237 PB Hooked!
238 PB Hooked!
B239 YA Hooked!
B240 MG Hooked!
B241 PB Hooked!
B242 PB Hooked!
243 MG Hooked!
B244 PB Hooked!
B245 PB Hooked!
B246 Ya Hooked!
B247 YA Hooked!
248 YA Hooked!
B249 PB Hooked!
250 MG Hooked!
251 PB Hooked!
252 PB Hooked!
B253 PB Hooked!
254 PB Hooked!

Existing anglers, as of 11:59PM CST on 11/8/2017, Round 2 of the Hook, Line and Sinker Challenge closed. If you want to see your results in the Round 2 results, you must have submitted your work before the deadline.

If you entered Round 2 on time with a new work for the challenge, but you did not receive an entry number for that work, do not email Cynthea directly about it. Our deckhands are only using the submissions email address for submissions and inquiries. Cynthea’s email is reserved for everything BUT the HLS challenge, so the deckhands can get to your emails faster. Instead, please forward your on-time submission to the HLS email address and let our deckhands know they may have missed your submission. If you broke any rules, do not expect the deckhands to forgive you. For example, you may have subbed your submission AFTER midnight or titled your email incorrectly or screwed up one out of our 100 rules. The pups are doing all they can to keep things fair for everyone. If you messed something up and you know it, just wait until the next round opens and sub your submission correctly. (You can also ask for help on our Rules post before you make your submission and our Skippers will help answer your questions so you can sub correctly.)

Please note: Entry #s go with the work, not each submission you make, in case that’s unclear to any anglers. For example, when you submit a new manuscript called FLY-FISHING ISN’T FOR GOLDFISH and the deckhands call it #99 for example, the next time you submit an excerpt from that manuscript, #99 is its number and you will include that in the subject line of your email. That number is what tells you that FLY FISHING made it or didn’t make it. You can also use that # to find feedback on Twitter about it too, if we’ve posted any.

A clarification on Bonus Casts: If your bonus cast does not pass a round, you must complete a new bonus activity in the next round to have a new bonus cast in play. In other words, one bonus activity does not last you the entire challenge. You must complete a bonus activity every time you want a second entry in any given round.

Finally, DO NOT reply to old messages when submitting work for consideration by the fishes. Doing so will send your submission to another planet where the pooches may not see your email.

Submit a fresh email every time you are sending in something to a round for fishy judgment.

Happy fishing and thanks for helping to follow the rules so that our furry friends can manage this challenge as efficiently as possible!

The WFCAT Team

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    1. Please be sure to message the challenge submissions inbox if the entry may have been missed.We are so sorry for any inconvenience. It’s completely pawsible the pooches got distracted by a squirrel while processing submissions.

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