#HLS2017 ROUND 4 OPEN until Sun 11/26/2017 @11:59 PM CST, New Anglers enter anytime

This round will close at the date and time (CENTRAL) listed in the title of this post.

New anglers can enter anytime as long as the entire challenge is still going, even if you miss this round. READ THE OFFICIAL RULES before you cast your first line! Failure to follow the rules could result in an automatic sinking of your ship. Please make this easy for our skippers and deckhands!

Please help us make this even more fun by letting others know what’s going on and inviting them to join in on the competition! This is also your chance to earn bonus casts by sharing the fishy love.

The more fishing there is, the bigger the frenzy, and the more likely our judges will hang around to offer free feedback and see what’s worth nibbling on!

#HLS2017 is the official hashtag for this challenge.

Good luck, everyone! Happy fishing!

2 thoughts on “#HLS2017 ROUND 4 OPEN until Sun 11/26/2017 @11:59 PM CST, New Anglers enter anytime

  1. Thank you WFCAT for the free feedback on twitter for PB 169. You’ve given me something to focus on that I’ve been struggling with. I haven’t seen the free feed back yet for B184 PB in the twitter feed. Do we get a free feedback for each submission that doesn’t make a round?

    1. The crew is trying its best to ensure that every angler gets feedback on entries but we cannot guarantee you will receive feedback on every entry you submit. The pups need breathers and they’ve been running back and forth making sure the judges stay hydrated and get plenty of rest between decisions. If you did not receive feedback on a booted entry on Twitter, it may just not be right for our fish. It does not necessarily mean the entry wasn’t worthy. The bettas in the next bowl over might love it. Publishing is a very subjective field so try not to take bubbles from three goldfish too seriously.

      Happy Fishing!

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