#HLS2017 – Hook, Line, & Sinker ROUND 3 Results Complete, New Anglers May Enter Anytime

Dear Anglers:

  • If your entry got the boot at 250 words, chances are, your passage did not make the cut when compared to other anglers with work in the same category. Think of it like the semi-finals before you go to the live show. In previous rounds, the judges looked at the work on its own, without comparison to other entries. But at 250 words, it starts to become more apparent to the fish which works are stronger than others. Never forget the power of revision and also how important it is to understand that publishing is a subjective business. Do not let the opinions of three goldfish get you down over 250 words. Seriously. It’s just one full page. Your page 3 could have been really great. If you get down on yourself after reading the results, please remember your Free-tique oath. We would like to think of everyone who submits to this challenge as a survivor.  The fact that you put your work out there for the fish to nibble on tells yourself and the rest of the world that you’re here, you’re doing your thing, and you are a writer. We here at wfcat.com are thrilled you invited us along on your journey. Still with us? Great. Here’s another option for you: the Bait Swap. You can try again with that same work with a revision. Read the rules to learn how to submit a Bait Swap.
  • If your entry had 250 words in the challenge in Round 3 and it made it to Round 4, please read the rules on how to submit your last line. Make it a sinker!
  • For those of you at 125 words or first lines, please read previous round results here at wfcat.com for tips on how the judges may have evaluated your work.
  • NOTE: This upcoming Round 4 will be our biggest fishing frenzy of all. The pooches will be delivering feedback from the judges for Bonus Casts and Swaps as well, so if you’ve been waiting and waiting for some words on your Bonus Cast or Swap, it might just happen for you in this upcoming round. So if you got the boot, start over with a new work, try a bait swap, or go for that bonus cast!
  • Last but not least, our response times may get a little bit laggy as the entire team prepares for the Thanksgiving holiday. The pooches will be decorating the house and figuring out how to make mashed bacon and potatoes before family arrives. Our Skippers will be minding the fish to ensure all of their Thanksgiving wishes are met (anyone know where to get turkey-based fish flakes?). We hope all of our anglers (current and new) have an amazing holiday! The challenge doors will be open through the Thanksgiving holiday break. Please get your entries in as soon as you can so they have a higher chance of getting feedback during Round 4.

 Official Round 3 Results

Entry # Format Round Result
101 PB The boot 🙁
103 YA Hooked!
104 PB The boot. 🙁
106 MG The boot. 🙁
108 MG Bobbing
109 MG Hooked!
110 MG The boot. 🙁
111 PB The boot. 🙁
115 MG The boot. 🙁
118 PB Hooked!
120 YA Hooked!
121 YA The boot. 🙁
122 MG Hooked!
125 MG Hooked!
127 YA The boot. 🙁
129 PB Hooked!
133 YA Bobbing
134 MG Hooked!
136 MG Hooked!
141 MG The boot. 🙁
143 MG The boot. 🙁
144 PB The boot. 🙁
145 MG The boot. 🙁
146 MG Bobbing
148 PB The boot. 🙁
151 PB Hooked!
152 YA Hooked!
154 PB The boot. 🙁
156 PB Bobbing
164 CB The boot. 🙁
166 PB The boot. 🙁
167 YA The boot. 🙁
168 MG The boot. 🙁
169 PB The boot. 🙁
170 PB The boot. 🙁
172 CB Hooked!
173 MG Hooked!
175 YA Hooked!
176 MG The boot. 🙁
177 PB Bobbing
178 MG Hooked!
179 YA The boot. 🙁
182 MG The boot. 🙁
185 YA Hooked!
186 PB The boot. 🙁
188 PB The boot. 🙁
189 MG Hooked!
190 PB Bobbing
191 PB The boot. 🙁
192 PB Bobbing
193 YA Bobbing
196 YA Hooked!
198 MG The boot. 🙁
200 PB Hooked!
201 PB The boot. 🙁
205 YA The boot. 🙁
207 MG The boot. 🙁
210 CB The boot. 🙁
212 MG Bobbing
215 MG Hooked!
216 PB The boot. 🙁
217 CB Hooked!
220 PB Hooked!
221 YA Hooked!
222 YA Hooked!
223 PB Bobbing
224 PB The boot. 🙁
B123 PB Bobbing
B174 PB Bobbing
B183 YA Hooked!
B184 PB The boot. 🙁
B187 PB The boot. 🙁
B202 PB Hooked!
B206 YA Hooked!
B208 PB Hooked!
B218 PB The boot. 🙁
225 YA The boot. 🙁
B226 PB Hooked!
B227 YA The boot. 🙁
B228 PB The boot. 🙁
229 MG The boot. 🙁
230 PB Bobbing
232 PB The boot. 🙁
233 MG Hooked!
234 PB The boot. 🙁
235 PB The boot. 🙁
B236 PB The boot. 🙁
237 PB The boot. 🙁
238 PB Hooked!
B239 YA The boot. 🙁
B240 MG The boot. 🙁
B241 PB The boot. 🙁
B242 PB Hooked!
B244 PB Hooked!
B245 PB The boot. 🙁
B246 Ya Hooked!
B247 YA The boot. 🙁
248 YA Hooked!
B249 PB The boot. 🙁
250 MG Hooked!
251 PB The boot. 🙁
252 PB Hooked!
B253 PB Hooked!
254 PB The boot. 🙁
B255 PB The boot. 🙁
256 PB Hooked!
257 PB The boot. 🙁
B258 PB Hooked!
S259 YA Hooked!
B260 YA Hooked!
B261 PB Hooked!
262 PB Hooked!
263 PB Hooked!
264 PB Hooked!
S265 CB Hooked!
B266 PB Hooked!
267 PB Hooked!
268 PB Hooked!
269 CB/MG Hooked!
S270 YA Hooked!
271 PB Hooked!
272 YA Hooked!
B273 YA Hooked!
274 YA Hooked!
275 PB Hooked!
S276 PB Hooked!


New anglers can enter anytime as long as the entire challenge is still going, even if you missed this round. READ THE OFFICIAL RULES before you cast your first line! Failure to follow the rules could result in an automatic sinking of your ship. Please make this easy for our skippers and deckhands!

Please help us make this even more fun by letting others know what’s going on and inviting them to join in on the competition! This is also your chance to earn bonus casts by sharing the fishy love.

The more fishing there is, the bigger the frenzy, and the more likely our judges will hang around to offer free feedback and see what’s worth nibbling on!

#HLS2017 is the official hashtag for this challenge.

Good luck, everyone! Happy fishing!

10 thoughts on “#HLS2017 – Hook, Line, & Sinker ROUND 3 Results Complete, New Anglers May Enter Anytime

  1. Question – is it OK for us to make SLIGHT edits to the 125-word section when we are submitting for the 250-word section (doing some basic tightening, removing an extra “that” or two)?

  2. Would you like us to end our second entry at exactly 125 words, even if it’s in the middle of a sentence? Or should we finish the sentence even though it would exceed 125 words?…

    1. We are currently working on the results, but are delivering feedback on Twitter for Round 4 entries in the meantime. Please bear with us while the crew works away on the entries. Thank you for your patience!

      Happy Fishing,
      The WFCAT Team

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