RLGL Round 4 OPEN extended until Wednesday, 3/9/2016 @ 11:59 CST, New entrants may enter anytime

****Pardon for the pooch’s clerical error! We are so busy over here we didn’t update the post and the round on Submittable! Due to unforeseen circumstances, Cynthea has been called away to deal with some things that required her immediate attention so …. Kissy decided to give everyone a free pass to the next round, unless the submitter was on their last page in which case he and Cynthea weighed in to determine if there was a winner.  Sooo, don’t relax yet. Consider the free pass as an editor or agent having a good day and giving you the benefit of the doubt that the next page will truly wow.  We are giving everyone extra time to turn in their next page.  Also, because of personal circumstances, we appreciate your continued patience with the contest.  The pooch will be jetsetting it to a hotel this weekend to be pampered with bacon and chew toys, which means the next round will be a very slow round. ****

Round 4 for this year’s Red Light, Green Light contest is open for submissions! New entrants may enter at any time so long as the round is open.

To expedite our review process, and given the volume of entries we are receiving, we are reinstating feedback codes to deliver your results. There’s no time to be able to tailor our responses as much as we’d like. But this should still give you a good idea.  Check out this page for common reasons why your manuscript may be sent back to start.  If you receive a code, you can look it up on this page to find out what went wrong. Thanks for understanding!*

This does not mean that we are done returning ALL results from the previous round. It just means this round is open for new entrants and any existing entrants who have received their results from the previous round.

When we have returned all results, that will be noted in this post. So please don’t ask about your submission until it is clear that all results have been returned. Thank you!

Finally, to help us keep better track of your submission, please submit your work to the right category. Picture books and ER have their own bucket so we can keep track of the # of entrants vying for that prize. Longer works go in the other category so we can do the same for those folks too.

BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, look at our Rules and Regulations.

Once you’ve got that all figured out, click that submit button at the bottom of this post.

This round will be closing submissions on Wednesday, 03/09/16 @ 11:59 CST.

New entrants can enter anytime though, even if you miss a Round.

Anything can happen in this game, so get in when a round is open. Please help us make this even more fun by letting others know what’s going on and inviting them to join in on the competition! #RLGL is the official tag.

Good luck, everyone! WOOF!


56 thoughts on “RLGL Round 4 OPEN extended until Wednesday, 3/9/2016 @ 11:59 CST, New entrants may enter anytime

  1. Sorry for dumb questions, but I am new.

    To get our results, do we look at our Submittable status? I am so confused (and embarrassed to ask.)

    1. You’ll get an email. The status gets updated in Submittable, too, but I’m not sure which happens first.
      Good luck!

  2. We’re still waiting on results, as far as I can tell. The deadline was extended until noon tomorrow, so I assume that means they’re trying to finish reading all the entries. Wish I could get into the group of people whose entries get read first! 🙂

  3. I did receive a notification for the last submission. the status says received. I would assume that it would say declined if it wasn’t moved forward? Just wondering! Thank you.

      1. By now, you should have gotten an email and you can see the status. If you have not, please email the address provided in the rules.

  4. I have not gotten feedback from Round 3. If deadline for Round 4 is today Mar 7, do I skip round 4?

    1. By now, you should have received an update. We just updated our post to let everyone know what happened.

    1. By now, you should have received an update. We just updated our post to let everyone know what happened.

    1. By now, you should have received an update. We just updated our post to let everyone know what happened.

    1. Not me and a few others I know of. I don’t know what will happen now as the deadline has passed with no word and no extension.

      1. By now, you should have received an update. We just updated our post to let everyone know what happened.

    1. Thanks, Christina. Cynthea is okay but did have to step away to handle some things. But do not worry, all will be okay. She is looking forward to getting back to the contest in full swing!

  5. Yes, same for me, wondering if deadline has been extended, even though it doesn’t say so on site, I have no response, deadline is past, wondering what to do next. Thanks

    1. So sorry for the delay. We’ve updated the post and by now you should have received a response. Thanks for your patience.

  6. Kissy and Cynth I need help. I just received your acceptance on Round 3, but it is past the deadline and the site won’t let me submit to Round 4. Am I supposed to wait till Round 5?

    1. Yes Kate, the submit for Round 4 doesn’t work anymore. I guess we have to wait until Cynthea updates the website. I haven’t emailed her because I assume she is snowed under. If anyone knows anything more share info here, please.

  7. I was writing me comment when I realized Chirstina just asked my question. My ms is a PB, but that wasn’t an option.

  8. Yes, I’m having the same problem as Christina. My PB got accepted for Round 3, but the only Round 4 submission button available is for Longer Works. Is there a Round 4 Submission for PB?

  9. There is no link to send in a PB. The drop down menu from that button above only has longer work choices. Please advise. Thanks.

    1. Has this been resolved? Let us know if it still looks closed on your side. Looks open on ours right now.

  10. Now it is saying that there are presently no open calls for submissions but I am in Australia so totally different time zone perhaps it will be fixed once the Northern Hemisphere wakes.

  11. I was accepted in both rounds for my pb but I forgot to put the end in round 3 …it was 181 words for page 2….do I put the end on page 3 for round 4 or can I start new story for round 4. Thx

    1. Oh hmmm, okay, in this case, since that wasn’t marked as the End, we didn’t catch it for the pooch to weigh in. What I would do to make sure it gets read in Round 4 is to submit to round 4 – the entire manuscript – and put your notes at the top so we get what’s going on. It can’t win the free-tique because of the technicality there, HOWEVER, you will get the feedback you are looking for for that manuscript. If you’d rather forget it with that manuscript, then feel free to chalk up the old manuscript as done with, and submit a new one to Round 4 starting from Page 1. Totally up to you!

  12. So sorry to be dense,but I want to make sure I understand. If no feedback was received from round 4, and it’s considered a free pass, are we free to submit the next 250 words, or is the free pass the first 125 words? Thanks! Enjoy the room service, Kissy.

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