After-Hours Free-tique Party to Celebrate THE GREAT CALL OF CHINA release

Wow, guys, I just have to say WOW!

This morning I woke up to all sorts of goodness in my inbox.

[info]tamarak made the light-bulb go off in my head this morning when she asked where the afterhours party was.

And you know Snoop and I. We aim to please.

Especially when it comes to partying. So …
In case you missed out on the fun yesterday, the party doesn’t stop until Snoop says so!

Snoop is willing to do ONE more half-page tique for those guests who like to arrive fashionably late. And give away another signed first edition copy of THE GREAT CALL OF CHINA!

Here’s how to play.

No one guessed Snoop’s former name last night, so today, Snoop is giving you a HUGE HINT.  pumpkinIf you know the answer,  head over to the After-Hours party at, sign the guestbook, party with the other folks (eat, drink, be merry), and fill out the party favor form.  In the “Leave a comment for the host!” field, enter the answer for a chance to win a half-page tique.  The odds of winning have never been better! So go to it!

NOTE: IF YOU ALREADY PARTICIPATED IN YESTERDAY’S CONTEST you may NOT participate in this one.  Snoop is keeping track.  This for latecomers only!  Thanks!