Double luck, double fun, double tears! Snoop and I are terrible hosts!

Hey everyone,

Today my first book THE GREAT CALL OF CHINA is out, and you may have heard that Snoop and I are having a couple of parties to celebrate. (for everyone) for tiquee addicts! (I mean, writers!)

But Snoop and I are terrible hosts.


Instead of helping people mingle and making sure their drinks are filled, we’re just holding each other up, in a full-on-furry-embrace, sobbing over the kind words people have left on our guestbook and various places on the Internet.

It doesn’t stop there.

Papa Liu called, WEEPING.

He saw the movie.  He’s certain that his hard work in the States to secure a bright future for his children has finally paid off.

*Note: He has no idea how much I’m making.*

But it doesn’t matter.

When Daddy cries. We all cry.

Snoop needs a tissue.

Thanks, guys, truly!  Have all the fun without us. We’ll just sit here in a teary mess.

Um… can someone fill my drink?


If only Papa Bun could see me now…  WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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