Arf! Arf! Arf: Please follow the rules for submission, new goal set for RLGL

Arf! Arf! Arf! Woof, woof, woof woof!

Kissy has an important announcement.

Kind, Generous Life-Saving Humans,

Many of you are sending your subs to Cynthea’s email address.  Cynthea’s inbox is mostly filled with loads of irrelevant email that no dog would ever want to read.  So, I’ll beg on my hind legs if I have to, please send your submission to the email address listed in the RULES so that I can sniff your submission.   If you made a little mess in this round, don’t get your tail in a tangle. Just send the email to the right address.  After this round though, rule-breakers will go right back to start.  Woof!

Next, thank you for all of your donations. The buddies I left behind  in the lockup thank you, too!  Especially the ones at the city pound who will be euthanized if they don’t find homes. I was lucky. PAWS got me after I was there for just a short time. I can’t imagine going back.  So with that said, I want to help more of my friends there, and I want to inspire you to do the same.  We’re setting a new goal for RLGL to continue through Monday, August 20th 11:59pm CST.  That goal is $500. We’re at $290 now.  If we make it to Wednesday with a new goal, I’ve got an extra special treat for you. You’ll want to learn how to sit and stay for this one.

Pace yourselves. Donating in small increments ensures RLGL will stay on for as long as it can possibly go.  You can contribute multiple times without breaking the bank to keep RLGL breathing. And some doggies and kitties, too.

Also don’t forget to tell your friends. The more humans participate, the more lives we save, and the better and tougher RLGL gets! 

Newcomers:  Do you have no idea what I’m barking about? Wanna play? Read the rules here.


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