Round 2 is Open until 11:59pm CST, 8/18

Round 2 is now officially open.  If you sent in something before the round opened, Kissy gives you a warning bark for failure to wait. That said, we’ll count your early entry toward round 2. But please don’t do it again. Our inbox becomes a huge mess when we do RLGL.  Anything you can do to keep us sane would be greatly appreciated.

This round is now open until 11:59pm CST on Saturday  8/18.

If you have no idea what to do, please see full free-tique RLGL details here.

If you just want to howl at the moon, go right ahead.

One thought on “Round 2 is Open until 11:59pm CST, 8/18

  1. Oops – in the process of cutting and pasting, my story lost an important sentence! I just resent my entry with – “Please use this one” at the end of my subject line info. I’m sorry – I hope that’s okay.

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