Everyone say, What’s up, Doc?


DOORS ARE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You might have heard there’s a new free-tique round called OFFICE HOURS. Here are the guidelines to participate…

1) You may only ask one question at a time….Be as specific as possible. You can not ask another question until your first one is answered.

2) PASTE your children’s fiction sample in an email. Include a reasonable amount of work so Snoop can answer your question, but don’t expect him to read an entire novel. Remember he’s only going to spend about 1/2 a minute reading it (about as long as any exhausted editor going through the slushpile).

3) Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. But be prepared for the hard answers. REMEMBER YOUR TIQUEE OATHS.

4) Don’t be afraid to ask the stupid questions either. We all start out clueless. Snoop won’t make fun of you unless you accidentally call him by the wrong name or something.

5) If you are invited to chat, Snoop will provide his AOL ID to you. Please don’t ask Snoop how to do the whole chat thing. Consult your personal tech support team. Also understand Snoop may be chatting with multiple people at once, so don’t expect a 3 second response time or anything. Also, Snoop is a TERRIBLE typist (his paws are just too big for the keys) so try not to let that color your judgment of his intelligence.

6) Snoop reserves the right to answer as many questions as he wants, but when the time is UP, he will answer no more. He logs off, hangs up his CLOSED sign, and wanders to the doctors’ lounge to shake a carrot out of the snack machine. If you do not receive a response, assume yours could not be answered in time.

7) Finally, Snoop has terrible bedside manners and he has a busy schedule. Your answers may be short. If they leave you wondering, feel free to ask Snoop to expand with another question.

8) Snoop also reserves the right to change the rules at anytime.


Everyone, together now, “What’s up, Doc?” The doctor is in until 2:30 PM CST TODAY. You may email your question (and sample PASTED) to SNOOP AT CYNTHEALIU DOT COM

One thought on “Everyone say, What’s up, Doc?

  1. Dear Cynthea
    Re: Office Hours

    I am happy to take part in this freetiqueathon
    You listed your email address as CYNTHEALIU DOT COM

    I am taking the liberty of sending the sample to your Yahoo dot com email address – if this is not OK please let me know whch email address to use

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